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Site Team Visit Dates

The Middle States Evaluation Team will be on campus March 30 – April 2, 2014.

Visit Schedule | Site Team Roster

Self Study Events

Team Chair Visit
November 17-18, 2013

Committee Meetings

Coordinating Committee Meetings 
every other Week, 1-3 pm, starting August 21, 2013

AY 2013-14 Steering Committee Meetings will be held on:
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013 
Monday, Nov. 18, 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013
Wednesday, Mar. 5, 2014

Data and Information

Committee members access the information to address research questions and communicate about the self study process in D2L.

Self Study Timeline

The process includes development of research questions, gathering of evidence and reports on standards, submission of reports on standards, drafting self-study document, review of self-study draft by University community, site visit, and MSCHE reaffirmation decision.

Reflection and Renewal … Edinboro University

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania works to support an ongoing and sustainable system of student learning outcomes assessment for all academic programs.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment at Edinboro University
Departmental / Programmatic Learning Assessment Plan
Direct and Indirect Measures of Assessment

Dr. Elisabeth Joyce

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Advisory Board
Dr. Gwyneth Price
Dr. Kosin Isariyawongse
Mr. Timothy Meyer

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Department Representatives
Art: Professor Geoffrey Beadle
Biology and Health Services: Dr. Dale Hunter, Dr. Nina Thumser, Dr. David Fulford
Business and Economics: Dr. Timothy Few
Chemistry: Dr. Gerry Hoffman
Communication Studies: Dr. Melissa Gibson
Counseling, School Psychology & Special Education: Dr. Vaughn Bicehouse
Early Childhood & Reading: Dr. Lisa Brightman
English and Liberal Studies: Dr. William Hunter
Geosciences: Dr. Karen Eisenhart, Dr. Joseph Reese
Health and Physical Education: Dr. Michael Hahesy
History Anthropology & World Languages: Dr. Ihor Bemko
Journalism & Public Relations: Dr. James Wertz
Mathematics and Computer Science: Dr. John Hoggard, Dr. Timothy Meyer
Middle & Secondary Education and Educational Leadership: Dr. Gwyneth Price, Dr. Whitney Wesley
Music: Dr. Gary Grant
Nursing: Dr. Amy Weschler
Physics and Technology: Dr. Richard Lloyd
Political Science and Criminal Justice: Dr. Elvage Murphy, Dr. Deborah Vegh, Dr. Bridget Jeffery
Psychology: Dr. Gary Levine, Dr. Michael Skelly
Social Work: Dr. David Pugh
Sociology: Dr. Samuel Claster
Speech, Language, and Hearing: Dr. Susan Hegel, Dr. Charlotte Molrine