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Site Team Visit Dates

The Middle States Evaluation Team will be on campus March 30 – April 2, 2014.

Visit Schedule | Site Team Roster

Self Study Events

Team Chair Visit
November 17-18, 2013

Committee Meetings

Coordinating Committee Meetings 
every other Week, 1-3 pm, starting August 21, 2013

AY 2013-14 Steering Committee Meetings will be held on:
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013 
Monday, Nov. 18, 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013
Wednesday, Mar. 5, 2014

Data and Information

Committee members access the information to address research questions and communicate about the self study process in D2L.

Self Study Timeline

The process includes development of research questions, gathering of evidence and reports on standards, submission of reports on standards, drafting self-study document, review of self-study draft by University community, site visit, and MSCHE reaffirmation decision.

Reflection and Renewal … Edinboro University


The EUP Planning and Assessment Cycle

Edinboro University's planning process is designed to empower the university community to achieve its Mission.  The Edinboro University Planning Committee guides and coordinates Planning and Institutional Assessment activities on campus.  The Planning Committee periodically  reviews and recommends updates to the University Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Strategic Plan to the President. 

The University is guided by a Strategic Plan which is derived from the mission and vision of the University as well as the mission, vision, and goals of the State System of Higher Education.  The Strategic Plan must guide all aspects of campus life for the University is to successfully accomplish its mission.  Each Division and Department of the University is therefore charged with developing appropriate individual missions, goals, and objectives aimed at ensuring the goals of the Strategic Plan are achieved.

Edinboro University is committed to demonstrating effective use of our resources and providing evidence of progress towards achieving our goals.  This is accomplished by Institutional and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.  Annual assessment reports are submitted by each Division and Department to the Planning Committee, which compiles the assessment data and reports the results to the President.  In addition, assessment results are reported to the University-Wide Budget Committee providing a link between planning, assessment, and budget decisions. 

The goal of planning and assessment is the improvement of every part of the University.  The ultimate charge of the Planning Committee is therefore to ensure that planning and assessment efforts bear fruit and result in carefully thought out actions which guide the University towards successfully fulfilling its mission.