Contact Info

          Frank G. Pogue Student Center
          405 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, Pennsylvania  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2768
          Fax: (814) 732-2665

          Michelle Ritzel 
          Director of Campus Life and Leadership Development
          Office: 216 Frank G. Pogue Center
          Phone: (814) 732-2768

          Organization Information

          Fraternities and Sororities uphold their values of Scholarship, Leadership, Philanthropy, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and Loyalty. Greek Life dates as early as 1776 (Phi Beta Kappa, est. at The College of William and Mary, December 5, 1776). Many students find joining a fraternal organization to be a rewarding part of their college experience and find benefits far beyond graduation.

          Edinboro University is home to 6 fraternities and 6 sororities that are governed by the Edinboro University Student Government Association, Inc. All organizations must have recognition from an inter/national fraternity or sorority and be a member of the Edinboro chapters of IFC, PHC or NPHC.

          Active organizations at Edinboro University include:



          National Philanthropy

          Alpha Gamma Delta

          Jennifer Zylak

          Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

          Alpha Kappa Lambda 

          Brian Phillips

          These Hands Don’t Hurt 

          Alpha Phi Alpha

          Aaron Taylor

          March of Dimes, Head Start, Boy Scouts of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

          Alpha Sigma Alpha

          Olivia Miller

          Special Olympics; S. June Smith Center; Girls on the Run

          Alpha Sigma Tau

          Jaci Schiller

          Pine Mountain Settlement School 

          Delta Zeta

          Kasey Hutchinson

          Speech & Hearing

          Alison Colangelo

          Breast Cancer Awareness & Education

          Kappa Delta Rho

          Brandon Hall

          KDR Kids 

          Lambda Chi Alpha

          Nathan Schultz

          North American Food Drive

          Phi Kappa Psi

          Trevor Kuhn

          Boys and Girls Club of America 

          Phi Mu Alpha

          Richie Cameron

          Sinfonia Education Foundation

          Sigma Sigma Sigma

          Jessie Streitman

          Robbie Page Memorial, Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation

          Sigma Gamma Rho

          Antoinette Jackson

          * indicates organization does not meet academic standard
          # indicates new member class does not meet academic standard

          Click on the Organization Name for the inter/national website and the President’s Name to contact the organization at Edinboro directly.