PSEA Micro-credentials


Through a partnership with The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), PennWest Edinboro offers one Credit Bearing Continuing Education (CBCE) Graduate Credit upon completion of an educational micro-credential for professional learning experiences from PSEA.

Micro-credentials provide a way for educators to develop their skills to improve classroom experiences and support student success. A full list of more than 100 FREE micro-credentials offered by PSEA can be found on their website.



Looking to sign-up for a micro-credential with PSEA?

These steps will help you enroll in your micro-credential and receive your Edinboro CBCE graduate credit. Please note, you must be a PSEA member to enroll.

Step 1. Enroll in a PSEA Membership at this link. A membership is required for the micro-credential courses.

Step 2. Once you are enrolled in a PSEA membership, sign up for your desired micro-credential here.

Step 3. Once you have completed the micro-credential, return here to verify for your desired micro-credentials graduate credit on the marketplace page. Additional information and payment instructions can be found there.

Step 4. Follow all informational and payment instructions on the marketplace to verify your micro-credential.

Step 5. One CBCE credit from PennWest Edinboro will be awarded to you upon the completion and verification of your PSEA micro-credential. You may choose to have one Act 48 credit reported to PDE.