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Arts Infusion

Graduate Certificate

PennWest Edinboro’s Arts Infusion Certificate program provides a blend of education and art training and experiences, helping artists and educators to enliven academic content with an arts-infused curriculum.

Arts Integration Helps Students Succeed.

According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, arts integration "infuses joy and student voice into daily instruction."

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

Edinboro has a legacy of excellence in both the education field and the arts.

With this 18-credit graduate certificate in Arts Infusion, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality training to enhance the education of the whole child.

Designed to meet the needs of artists who want to work in school settings as arts in-residence, and pre-service and in-service educators who want to work alongside these artists, this program will help both groups discover new strategies and techniques to embed the arts into all areas of the early childhood curriculum.

As a result, you will be prepared to help all students find their voices and new ways of learning through the arts.

How Edinboro Supports You.

Advocates of the whole child theory of education agree that strong arts programs result in strong schools. This certificate will immerse you in all of the major art forms: music, dance, drama, visual arts and media arts.

During this 18-credit certificate program, you will learn to design instruction using current curricula and state and national standards, both in content areas and in the arts.

You'll may also participate in a graduate field experience, working in an early childhood setting.

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Dr. Karen Lindeman
Associate Professor
314 Butterfield Hall
Phone: 814-732-1550

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