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Edinboro’s flexible MBA program was designed and built with working professionals in mind. With multi-modal delivery and scheduling, and faculty who understand the rigors of working full time, the program allows you to build your career without stepping away from it.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

Our MBA is the only program in the region that meets your needs — on your time and on your terms. Built on the reputation of our renowned undergraduate Business Administration program, our MBA provides graduates with a truly integrated advanced business degree.

It breaks down the silos found in many graduate business programs by focusing on how financial and strategic decisions impact all stakeholders, including employers, employees, suppliers, managers, investors, creditors and customers. Success in an ever-changing world demands the comprehensive and unique perspective of an Edinboro MBA.

With an MBA from PennWest Edinboro, you'll be ready to tackle every challenge that businesses face in our rapidly changing global economy.

Work While You Build Your Career.

The choice of courses offered was what I was looking for, and the format they are being provided in, was a big factor in my decision. This format is face-to-face, synchronous, or asynchronous. It allows those who may not be able to make it on campus to Zoom in from home or watch a lecture later. It’s really a big advantage for graduate students.

Britney Berry,
MBA 2020

Prepare For The Changing World Of Business.

Employees no longer have to work at their employer’s place of business, or in teams that meet in a conference room. This program acknowledges this change in how we conduct business, and provides a high-level, rigorous curriculum that utilizes various modes of communication. It offers valuable experience in teamwork while giving students opportunities to apply their leadership skills. All of this is done while providing the ultimate flexibility for the student while delivering a bold new program.

Dr. Scott E. Miller,
Dean, School of Business

How Edinboro Supports You.

Today's world demands that businesses be smart, agile and competitive. Our MBA program creates graduates who help them do just that.

Edinboro offers the only MBA program in the region that meets your needs — on your time and on your terms. We created this program to prepare the next generation to tackle every challenge that businesses face in our rapidly changing global economy.

Our flexible delivery model.

Even if you are a working professional with many responsibilities, you can still earn your MBA. Edinboro's 30-credit program can be completed in one calendar year on a full-time basis, or over several years on a part-time basis, as your schedule permits. Earn your degree through face-to-face, synchronous or asynchronous delivery methods to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Real value for employers.

Edinboro's MBA program gives employers peace of mind, allowing employees to receive a high-quality education without impacting their productivity.

Real-world advantages.

The program mirrors the way business is conducted around the world. As a student, you will sharpen your oral and written communication skills as you interact with colleagues face to face and through online interactions.

Questions About This Program?

Christine Billen
Graduate Program Head
219 Hendricks Hall
Phone: 814-732-2058

Fact Sheet

International Students: F1 visa rules stipulate that international students physically present in the United States must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits of face to face instruction, per semester. Programs that are listed as “hybrid” may not be able to satisfy this requirement every semester. Please contact the School of Graduate Studies at or 888-845-2890 if you have additional questions.

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