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High-achieving new students, as well as current students and transfers, are eligible for admission to Edinboro University Honors College.

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How to Join the Honors College.

High school seniors applying for admission to Edinboro University will automatically be offered a seat in the Honors College if they meet the following criteria:

Current Edinboro or transfer students applying for the Honors College must have earned a minimum college GPA of 3.40. 

The Honors College Admissions and Scholarship application is provided below.  You must complete this form if you fit one of the following descriptions:

All applications are reviewed by the Honors College Director and the students who serve on the Honors College office staff.  In the decision-making process, your writing sample (see checklist below), extracurricular activities, and leadership positions are weighed very heavily.

Honors College Presentation for Admitted Freshmen


Types of Honors College Scholarships.

Only incoming high school graduates are eligible for Honors College scholarships. They may be either Academic Scholarships or Housing Waiver scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships of up to $1,500 per year are offered to Honors College students. They are renewable for four years as long as you maintain a minimum GPA of 3.50.

Housing Waiver

A Housing Waiver scholarship is equivalent to one-half the cost of a room in the Highlands or Towers residence halls (approximately $3,000). The Housing Waiver Scholarship is for the freshman year only and is nonrenewable.

The application deadlines for Honors College admission and Honors scholarship consideration are November 1 Early Action, February 1 Priority Deadline, and April 1 Final Deadline.  By April 1, most if not all of the Honors scholarships will have been awarded.  However, exceptional late-arriving applications could result in an Honors scholarship offer if an earlier recipient chooses not to accept his or her award. 


Please review the following checklist before starting your application:


Honors College Admission and Scholarship Application

By filling out this application, you are applying for both admission to the Honors College (unless you have already been automatically accepted) and Honors College scholarship consideration.

(*) denotes required information.

Applicant Information
(e.g. 814-732-2000 or (814) 732-2000)
Academic Information
(e.g. Spring 2024 or Fall 2024)
Academic and Extracurricular Resumé

(e.g. Resumé_John_Doe.pdf)
(e.g. Essay_John_Doe.pdf)


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