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Take a giant step forward with the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies.

If you want a two-year degree that offers flexibility and choice, the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies is right for you.

This program embraces all liberal arts disciplines, offering you the opportunity to explore new topics and expand your intellectual curiosity. Start by choosing a program of study that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant. Combine that with core courses that help you think critically and communicate effectively. The combination will give you the skills that employers want and you need to pursue a wide range of career paths - or move on to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Expert Faculty

Accomplished faculty instruct, guide, and inspire Edinboro students to achieve and lead. EU faculty are recognized for their commitment to student success and creating a personal and engaging academic environment.

Experiential Learning

The Edinboro experience extends well beyond the classroom. EU students prepare for careers and life through opportunities for hands-on learning, collaborative research with faculty, global travel, and internships.

Modern Facilities

Fighting Scots live, work, and play in state-of-the-art facilities on EU’s picturesque 585-acre campus. Located just 20 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city, Edinboro is bustling with exciting activities.

Develop strong critical thinking and communication skills.

This flexible two-year Associate of Arts program is designed to help you meet your career and personal objectives.

Design your own educational track.

This flexible two-year Associate of Arts program is designed to help you meet your career and personal objectives. Work with your academic advisor to determine which of these five tracks is best for you:

Specialized Field (Track A) - Select one university-approved minor comprised of 15-24 semester hours of course work. Many students utilize courses that comprise a minor at Edinboro University for this track.

Humanities (Track B) - Select six upper level humanities courses in disciplines including English, Art and/or Art History, Music, Philosophy, Communication and History.

Individualized Field (Track C) - Select 21 semester hours of career-related courses, determined in consultation with advisors.

Professional Communication (Track D) - Select 21 credits in English, Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Sociology and/or Business.

Cultural Literacy (Track E) - Select 21 credits in English, History, Geography, Communication, Sociology and/or Political Science.

What can you do with this degree?

Graduates of our Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies program have options. You will have the critical thinking and communications skills you need to succeed in life. Alumni of this program often transfer their credits and move into a four-year program at Edinboro or another university. Others advance their careers in fields such as:




Nonprofit management

Social services

Prepare for a rewarding career.


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