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Edinboro University

Open your mind to the wonders of a career in Physics.

Did you know that a bolt of lightning has enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread? Or that a frog can levitate in a strong magnetic field? A physicist not only knows these facts, but understands why. If you’re fascinated by matter, energy and the origins of the universe, consider earning your Bachelor of Science in Physics from Edinboro University.

The undergraduate degree in Physics is equivalent to a generalized engineering degree. But at Edinboro, it is far from ordinary. Small classes led by faculty experts encourage problem solving and independent thinking. And a rigorous curriculum with extensive internship and research opportunities helps you develop a wide set of transferable skills in analytical thinking, programming and mathematics.

In the past few years our Physics graduates have been accepted at prestigious graduate schools for post-graduate studies in optical physics, gravitational physics, bio-physics, condensed matter and astrophysics.

Expert Faculty

Accomplished faculty instruct, guide, and inspire Edinboro students to achieve and lead. EU faculty are recognized for their commitment to student success and creating a personal and engaging academic environment.

Experiential Learning

The Edinboro experience extends well beyond the classroom. EU students prepare for careers and life through opportunities for hands-on learning, collaborative research with faculty, global travel, and internships.

Modern Facilities

Fighting Scots live, work, and play in state-of-the-art facilities on EU’s picturesque 585-acre campus. Located just 20 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city, Edinboro is bustling with exciting activities.

Reap the rewards of rigor.

Earn credit towards a Master of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Penn State while still an undergraduate student at Edinboro.

Out-of-this-world research experiences.

As a Physics major, you can take advantage of prestigious research opportunities that pay a stipend and give you an edge when the time comes to apply to graduate school or employment. In the past, Edinboro students have been placed at top-notch universities such as Purdue, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Lehigh University, and conducted research at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Some of these opportunities include:

Consortium for Undergraduate Research in Education and Astronomy (CUREA), a two-week summer program at Mt. Wilson in California, the highest elevation observatory in the continental U.S.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), a nationally competitive summer research program funded by the National Science Foundation.

Student Undergraduate Laboratory Experience (SULI), a nationally competitive summer internship funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Why choose Edinboro?

You’ll feel at home at Edinboro, surrounded by others who are serious students attracted to careers in Physics and related industries. Our program stands out for its quality and value, and is supported by outstanding facilities such as:

One of the most sophisticated observatories in the region, equipped with a 14-inch Celestron telescope. Outfitted with a high-quality CCD camera and a high-resolution spectrograph, the observatory is a fully operational, remotely operated scientific platform.

Our advanced materials testing laboratories have a suite of advanced rapid prototyping equipment including laser scanners, 3D printers and analytical software.

Students have the opportunity to perform professional caliber tests and analyses for industries such as Lord Corporation and General Electric.

Prepare for a rewarding career.