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4 + 1 Accelerated BS Psychology + MSW


With our Accelerated 4+1 BS Psychology+MSW program, you will first complete Edinboro’s undergraduate Psychology program, then become eligible for conditional acceptance into the Master of Social Work program. Once accepted, your first year as an MSW student will give you the credits needed to complete your bachelor’s degree and count toward the first year of your master’s degree.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

With the Accelerated 4+1 BS Psychology+MSW program, you'll save both time and money as you prepare for an exciting career in the helping professions.

Edinboro's MSW program is focused on trauma-informed family practice. You will take advanced courses in trauma, family intervention, assessment and diagnosis, diversity, research, substance use disorders, and an array of other courses ranging from working with diverse families to treating abuse survivors. You will also have at least 500 hours of supervised clinical practice at an agency near you.

Save A Full Year Of Tuition Costs.

In addition to earning both your bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years, you will also pay the undergraduate tuition rate for your first two semesters of graduate school.

In-state students may save up to $24,444, while out-of-state students may save up to $30,648.

How Edinboro Supports You.

As a student in the 4+1 Accelerated BS Psychology+MSW program, you'll have the full support of Edinboro's highly skilled faculty. Their expertise will help you focus on your own professional interests and goals. In addition you can take advantage of clinical opportunities and a semester-long internship before you start your graduate classes.

Your Last Two Years Can Be On Campus or Online/On Campus Hybrid

Edinboro's MSW is flexible, allowing you to complete the graduate classes fully online or in a campus based/online hybrid program. You will also be eligible to sit for the LMSW licensure exam during your final semester.

Nationally Recognized MSW Program

The MSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and is widely lauded by many national recognitions.

In 2018, we were rated the Top Online MSW program by SR Education Group.

Your Future

Upon completion of your MSW program, you'll be prepared to sit for your LMSW exam and begin your career in a variety of social work fields, including:

Clinical Social Work: Provide mental health counseling to adults, children, families, couples and groups in either outpatient or inpatient mental health facilities.

Medical Social Work: Aid patients and their families during hospital stays and follow-up care or see patients in nursing homes or during hospice care, often as part of a team with other medical professionals.

School Social Work: Encourage students' academic and social success through individual and group counseling from pre-K through young adulthood, while also working with parents, teachers and other professionals.

Substance Use Social Work: Assist clients seeking to end their addictions, working with clients of all ages impacted by the use of drugs in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Community Social Work: Improve a problem situation with the help of community agencies, encouraging groups of people to organize and carry out plans in their communities, then gain skills to address future issues.

Political Social Work: Facilitate political change by working for political candidates in a variety of capacities, doing everything from handing out leaflets and answering phones to running for office.

Forensic Social Work: Support clients involved with the legal system, including domestic violence survivors in court, juvenile offenders in residential placement, or incarcerated individuals in jails or prisons.

Child Welfare Social Work: Keep children safe and families together, or work with adoption agencies, foster care services, and other agencies that support children.

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