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Are you already employed by a manufacturing firm? Have you completed a specialized technical training program? Do you want to take the next step to earn promotions and boost your earning potential? The Associate of Engineering Technology (AET) degree from Edinboro University might be just what you’re looking for.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

This program was developed jointly by Edinboro University and local manufacturing and engineering firms. The curriculum is based on industry needs and prepares you to move from technology positions into those that require analytical and engineering decision-making skills.

During your time at Edinboro, you will have the opportunity to participate in industry projects, including designing, building and/or testing products using our CAD software and laboratory equipment. After graduation, your associate degree will give you an edge in the workplace.

How Edinboro Supports You.

Hands-on experience contributes to your success in the workplace. That's why many students in the Associate of Engineering Technology program obtain internships at local manufacturing facilities for 12-16 weeks during the summer term.

As an intern, you'll complete real projects under the supervision of a technical professional. You'll learn about challenges in the manufacturing world, including safety, process and product improvement, productivity and quality assurance.

If you are an outstanding participant, you may be offered full-time employment upon graduation in one of the manufacturing faculties-focused Early Career Development Programs. These programs are used to recruit and develop technical and operations leaders.

Benefits of internships include:

  • Real work experience with challenging and meaningful assignments
  • Networking opportunities and exposure to senior leadership
  • Formal and informal personal and professional development activities
  • Competitive compensation
  • Opportunity to evaluate the company for full-time employment
  • Project presentations to senior leadership
  • Career exploration
  • Project-specific training
  • Accountability for work

Your Future

With an Associate of Engineering Technology degree, you can easily follow up with the Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Engineering Administration program at Edinboro University.

Or you can go right into the workplace in a variety of positions such as:

  • Production team leader
  • Quality coordinator
  • New product development coordinator
  • Production analyst
  • Operations analyst
  • Industrial sales specialist

Questions About This Program?

Dr. Richard Lloyd
Department Chair
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Phone: 814-732-1699

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