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Are you a born leader with an inquisitive mind and a knack for solving problems? Do you hold yourself and others to high ethical standards? Are you willing to work hard for what you believe in? If so, you can find success through Edinboro University's Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at Edinboro goes beyond vocational training to enhance your understanding of human behavior.

Energetic faculty with experience in multiple disciplines will guide you through the fundamentals of policing, courts, corrections, homeland security, emergency management, private and retail security. At the same time, you will hone your critical thinking as well as oral and written communication skills, and gain an understanding of statistics, research and ethics.

You'll have the opportunity to narrow your field of interest through coursework in juvenile justice, probation and parole, criminal investigations and more. When you graduate, you will be well prepared for a wide range of career opportunities and a lifetime of community service and civic engagement.

Our students are immensely talented, creative and successful in many different areas of the criminal justice system. I’m quite proud of who our students become and the opportunities our graduates pursue. The possibilities for our students are only limited by their imaginations.

Dr. Delbert Rounds,
Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology and Forensic Studies

How Edinboro Supports You.

As a student, you will see what it's like in the real world. While internships are not required, they are highly recommended to expand your knowledge of the criminal justice system and to further explore your particular field of interest.

Edinboro Criminal Justice majors have outstanding opportunities to get hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including:

  • Local police departments
  • Federal law enforcement
  • County law enforcement positions, such as sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
  • Courts
  • Probation and parole
  • Forensic science positions
  • Medical examiner offices
  • County investigators
  • Federal, State and local jails and prisons
  • Private security careers, such as celebrity and public figure protection
  • Corporate and hospital security
  • Homeland security
  • Victim-witness services
  • Emergency management
  • Social services related to criminal and social justice
  • Counseling and social work
  • Military service

Your Future

Follow your passion and you will find success in any number of careers. Some of our alumni work in law enforcement, state police agencies and at correctional facilities. Others find employment in related fields such as victim-witness services, rape crisis centers, counseling and medical/forensicexaminer offices. Still others head to the military or private security or go on to complete their bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or a related field.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Mark Weidner (BA ‘01) – U.S. Secret Service (Retired)
  • Mark Schau (BA ‘04) - PA State Trooper (Retired); Chief, Erie County Detective Unit
  • Seth Fragale (BA ‘04) - PA State Trooper
  • Matt Barley (BA ‘05) – U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Questions About This Program?

Dr. Delbert Rounds
Department Chair
146 Hendricks Hall
Phone: 814-732-2404

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