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The work of illustrators is all around us in books and magazines, medical and scientific journals, commercial signs, posters and advertisements, product packaging, on the web and, of course, in art galleries and museums. If you want to prepare for a rewarding career in one of these fields, enroll in one of the best college illustration programs in the area at PennWest Edinboro.

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A Long History of Art Excellence.

At Edinboro, we pride ourselves on our 100-year history of instruction in the visual arts and art education.
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Join a Dynamic Community of Artists.

As a student, you'll thrive in the exciting, artistic environment of PennWest Edinboro. Our Art Department has the widest array of studio offerings within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and is a program of distinction at Edinboro.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

At Edinboro, we pride ourselves on our 100-year history of instruction in the visual arts and art education. In addition, our Art Department is accredited by National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD), which sets national standards for excellence in the field.

Our Illustration curriculum is both broad and deep. In order to be a great illustrator, you must be highly competent in nearly all media, composition and design, be collaborative and able to work with established content. You must also be an expert communicator.

In 2019, Edinboro illustrators swept the prestigious awards presented by the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, winning more acclaim and money than any art school or university in western Pennsylvania.

Three faculty members with broad experience in the subfields of editorial, medical and scientific, commercial and children's book illustration will serve as your mentors. With a vast network of design, painting, drawing and print faculty to support your professional development, you will have powerful guidance toward your personal aesthetic goals and the strongest possible senior portfolio.

Along the way, you will cultivate a professional demeanor with well-rounded, problem-solving skills.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to engage in the diverse opportunities that await today's highly trained illustrators.

There is no portfolio review prior to admission. Just bring your passion for the arts and a desire to work hard in a multidisciplinary, highly supportive environment.

How Edinboro Supports You.

The Art Department at Edinboro is one of the largest and acclaimed in the nation. You will explore a variety of illustration subfields under the mentorship of highly credentialed professors. They will challenge you to explore your potential as an artist in a contemporary world.

Exceptional resources for students include:

  • Well-equipped digital labs and traditional studios
  • Permanent, professional art galleries for a constant flow of fresh inspiration
  • Opportunities for internships with local and regional publishing houses
  • Illustration Club, which hosts visiting artists and organizes trips to galleries and museums in cities like Chicago and New York.
  • Annual faculty and student exhibitions
  • Particularly rich in illustration subfields of Scientific Illustration and Graphic Novels.
  • Extraordinary opportunities for archeological field work in Scientific Illustration in countries like Belize, Spain and Canada.
  • Capstone project that shapes your personal aesthetic and becomes your first professional face to the world.

Your Future

With your degree and senior portfolio in hand, you’ll be ready to advance your education with a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration or an MA in Biomedical Communication. Or you will be prepared for competitive positions in the media world or to branch out as a freelance illustrator.

Recent alumni are finding success as:

  • Artifact illustrators
  • Children’s book illustrators
  • Editorial illustrators
  • Forensic illustrators
  • Magazine illustrators
  • Medical illustrators
  • Wildlife illustrators

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Concentration Head
202 Hamilton Hall
Phone: 814-732-1157

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