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You love to read great books. Who doesn’t? But if you ever ask yourself, "What can a Literature major do after graduation?", you should enroll in Edinboro's B.A. in English/Literature. As you learn how to engage with the wider world, you'll discover that a variety of fulfilling careers await you

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

When you come to Edinboro, we expect you'll have a thirst for knowledge; a desire to investigate social, historical and cultural trends and movements; and a passion for digging deep into literary works to interpret nuances and draw conclusions.

Working under the guidance of faculty experts, you will formulate new ways of thinking, reading, and writing that will continue to evolve throughout your life.

As a student, you’ll discover how to collaborate with others to understand complex issues and solve problems. You will learn to conduct independent research and convey your conclusions logically and persuasively.

You’ll also gain experience with professional writing and literary editing. It all comes together during your capstone experience, your chance to delve into a specific area of interest and produce a professional work of original research and scholarship suitable for publication.

With these valuable skills in hand, you will graduate ready to enter a wide variety of fulfilling professions and to make meaningful contributions to the world around you.

If you're interested in teaching English, the Literature program parallels English Education programs, making certification easy if you decide to teach in middle or secondary schools.

How Edinboro Supports You.

In our Literature program, you'll explore literary genres, movements and periods, from ancient to modern times. You'll learn to think critically, discuss articulately and reap the rewards that come from understanding the value and functions of creative expression in our world.

Throughout the program, you will find your voice as you:

  • Learn from distinguished teachers who are active scholars, well-regarded authors and experts in their fields
  • Explore a variety of unique literary topics in special advanced seminars offered each semester
  • Become a writing consultant at the University Writing Center
  • Apply for internships at local and regional organizations such as Fulton Books in Meadville, the Erie Reader, VertMarkets in Erie, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing, Bethesda Children’s Home in Meadville, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, and the Marketing and Communications offices on campus
  • Contribute to and/or edit Chimera, our award-winning student literary/art journal
  • Work on the Spectator, Edinboro's student newspaper
  • Select and edit work submitted to The Magazine, our annual online journal of undergraduate creative writing
  • Share your ideas and insights at literary conferences
  • Publish your work with guidance from faculty mentors

Renowned Faculty

Literature faculty members regularly present their work at major national and international conferences and publish in respected academic and professional journals. Our faculty members also publish books through respected academic presses, including Harvard University Press, the University of Virginia Press and Bucknell University Press.

Your Future

Graduates of the Edinboro Literature program report being well-prepared for graduate and pre-professional programs, as well as for employment in a variety of fields. They are working in schools, libraries, and corporations, in advertising agencies and at publishing houses, in community organizations and law firms.

The post-graduate lives of these recent alumni demonstrate the diversity of careers and life experiences enabled by the English/Literature program:

  • Violet Corwin (BA ’19), Ph.D. candidate, University of California Irvine
  • Samantha Schohn (BA ’16), Student Financial Services Counselor, Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA
  • Erik Skadhauge (BA ’14), Professor, Tri-County Technical College, Greenville, SC
  • Shaley Williams (BA ’12), Law Clerk to the Honorable Shana Frost Matini, Superior Court of the District of Columbia, , Washington, DC
  • Matthew Salvia (BA ’09), Instructor, University of Pittsburgh - Bradford

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Department Chair
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Phone: 814-732-1584

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