Online Education


The online education at Edinboro comes from deep knowledge of distance learning technology and your needs for flexibility.

We also know what kind of students do best in online classes. If you can answer the following questions with a confident "yes," online learning may be a good match:

Once you start taking classes online, your confidence will grow. You will learn about your main topic, and your instructors will give you tips to help you succeed at online learning.

Your Online Class and Degree Options

We offer several 100% online graduate programs, along with some undergraduate classes. Whatever you choose, these classes are designed to be fit into your schedule, anytime, anyplace if you have a computer and Internet access.

Preparing to Learn Online

What you'll get from us as an online student is a thorough introduction to the online learning process, and these resources will help you from the first day of class to finals.

Setting Up the Technology

Even though you can take classes wherever and whenever you choose, you still need to have a computer and access to our Desire2Learn Learning Management System (D2L).

Your First Days of Virtual Class

Through our D2L and Blackboard Collaborate orientations, you'll receive as thorough an introduction to PennWest Edinboro and your classes as if you were on campus.

How to Take Your Exams

To preserve the integrity of your exam results, you may need to take a supervised, or proctored, exam. If this applies to you, we can guide you through the process of finding a proctor.

Need Extra Help?

Even though we're online, we realize that not every problem fits neatly into a webpage. Start with our FAQs to find answers to your questions, and know that you can always contact us at any time -- and we mean 24/7.

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