Proctored Exam Information

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Suppose your professor requires an exam to be taken in person and you live more than 60 miles from PennWest Edinboro. You may be required to find a proctor for the online exam.

Here's What You Need to Know

It is your responsibility to locate and obtain approval for a proctor a minimum of three weeks prior to the first proctored exam. You are also responsible for any fees associated with the attainment of a proctor or proctoring service.

Please refer to the Procedure for Proctored Exams for Online Courses for detailed information on the process for undergraduate courses. If you are a graduate student, refer to your online course curriculum and contact your professor and academic advisor for questions regarding proctored exams for online courses.

Fill Out the Form

Complete the Exam Proctor Approval form at the beginning of the semester or session. Instructions are included on the form.

Who Is an Appropriate Proctor?

A student’s friend or relative may not serve as a proctor. Acceptable proctor options include:

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