Institutional Review Board


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is designed to review, approve initiation of, and conduct periodic review of all research projects involving human subjects conducted by Edinboro University faculty, students or staff, including collaborative projects with other institutions and agencies.

Below you'll learn more about these research policies and approval and review processes at Edinboro University.

Why the IRB Is Important

All research that involves human subjects must be reviewed by the IRB committee, for it is the only entity at Edinboro University that holds the authority to make a decision on the request. The process will take approximately three weeks and involves a few simple steps.

1. You must have completed the CITI training prior to submitting a protocol. Training is valid for three years. Follow these links for instructions on registering for CITI Training or Selecting Content for CITI Training.

2. All submissions must use the IRB application form and be complete with the appropriate attachments.

3. Forward the complete packet electronically to

4. The IRB will make a determination and inform the investigator.

The IRB has scheduled meetings monthly from September through May. Proposals requiring Full Review will be considered by the Board at the IRB meeting. The other categories of research approval will be presented to the Board by the Chair for complete disclosure. In order for a Full Review proposal to be considered at the next IRB meeting, the completed request must be submitted no later than noon 10 working days prior to the meeting.

For the current IRB membership, scheduled meetings and deadlines for submission of complete proposals to the IRB, please click here.

Application Materials

Informed Consent Templates

Additional Forms