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How do you know what English Composition class is right for you? PennWest Edinboro uses previously submitted test scores and written English placement exams to ensure you are registered for the appropriate class, starting with your first semester.

Here's the Process

The process of placing students in the appropriate level of English Composition begins in the Admissions Office. If you have submitted satisfactory SAT, ACT or TOEFL scores, you are automatically placed in ENGL 101: College Writing Skills or ENGL 103: Advanced College Writing Skills.

If you do not submit satisfactory scores or if no scores are available, you will be notified that you need to complete a placement test consisting of a writing sample. You take the test at home by accessing your myEdinboro portal on the University website. Click the Placement Testing icon and select the English Placement Test option, then follow the directions to submit your writing sample. After your sample is evaluated by an English Composition specialist, you will be registered for the appropriate course.

If you are required to take ENGL 010: Basic Writing Skills, you will have an opportunity to gain ENGL 101 credit for your work in ENGL 010. If your work is at a superior level commensurate with ENGL 101 outcome standards, you can, near the end of the semester, petition for ENGL 101 credit. In consultation with your ENGL 010 professor, you will prepare a portfolio of A-level written assignments for the course. If the professor endorses the portfolio, it is forwarded to the Chairperson of the Department of English and Philosophy. If the Chair agrees that the work meets the necessary standard, ENGL 101 credit is granted.

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