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          Geosciences Department
          Cooper Hall, Room 126
          230 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2529
          Fax: (814) 732-1691

          Dr. Brian Zimmerman
          Department Chair
          Office: Cooper Hall, Room 126D

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          The Geosciences Department at Edinboro University maintains many meteorology instruments that help students learn weather patterns, how to forecast conditions and how to identify meteorological trends.

          Edinboro University weather camera


          The WeatherCam captures the most recent image looking north from Cooper Hall on the campus of Edinboro University. New images are uploaded every one minute.

          Current Weather Data

          Weather data is measured by instruments atop Cooper Hall on the Edinboro University Campus. New data is uploaded every 5 minutes.

          Daily Min/Max Values

          The highest and lowest values of temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, and other weather variables measured on the campus of Edinboro University are recorded and reset daily at midnight.

          Recent Trends

          The graphs displayed on this page represent trends in measured weather variables observed on the Edinboro University campus during the past five days.

          Local Forecasts

          The seven-day forecast for Edinboro, PA, from the National Weather Service.

          Edinboro Area Snowfall During the Current Winter Season

          Snowfall totals for the Edinboro area are updated periodically here throughout the winter season.

          Historical Snowfall for the Edinboro Area

          Snowfall totals for the Edinboro area during previous winter seasons (courtesy Rich Humes / Geneva Bleakley).

          Other Historical Weather Data

          Archive of past weather data (other than snowfall) measured on the campus of Edinboro University.

          Useful Weather and Climate Links

          A listing of weather and climate links compiled by Edinboro University’s  meteorology professor, Dr. Kerry Moyer, for use by his students and the general public.