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          Dr. Anne Quinn
          Department Chair
          Office: Ross Hall, Room 109
          Phone: (814) 732-2760

          Advising & Tutoring


          The Mathematics and Computer Science Department makes every effort to ensure student success through a proactive faculty advisement process.

          Academic Advisement and Student Responsibility

          Upon entering Edinboro University, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who, by experience, professional background and example, is well qualified to help the student plan a program of study, develop strategies for academic success, and gain insight into career preparation. Academic advisors are available during regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment to meet with their advisees. Academic advisement is critical in a university education.

          The student is responsible for ensuring that all requirements for graduation have been met. Students are expected to discuss, on a regular basis, the development and execution of a plan of study for their academic program with the assigned advisor. Ultimately, the final responsibility rests with the student.

          Mathematics and Computer Science Advising Documents

          The following links and documents are provided by the department to assist the student in successful completion of the degree program.  These documents are updated yearly and the department does its best to keep them accurate and current. They are to serve as a guide for the student. Enrollment, faculty, resources, and other variables can impact course offerings and it is imperative that the student meet with the faculty advisor every semester to ensure student is on track for graduation.

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          The Mathematics and Computer Science Department provides peer tutoring for many of the department courses. Tutoring is available at both the Edinboro campus and Porreco College in Erie.

          Peer Tutoring

          Qualified peer tutors help students gain clarification on concepts covered in their classes and text assignments, and offer suggestions for developing and improving specific study skills. Faculty and administrators also volunteer time to tutor students. Tutoring schedules indicating course, time, day(s) of the week, and location are posted throughout the campus and in academic departments.

          Peer Tutoring at Edinboro University

          Peer Tutoring at Porreco College