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          Department of Nursing
          Human Services Building,
          Room 124
          215 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2900

          Dr. Victoria Hedderick
          Department Chair
          Office: Human Services Building, Room 124
          Phone: (814) 732-1655 

          Resources and Facilities

          The EU Nursing Department includes three high-fidelity human-patient simulator rooms, allowing for simulation of clinical situations involving newborns, children, adults and maternity patients within an interactive and safe learning environment.

          nursing facilities

          Edinboro University Nursing Department students enjoy state-of the-art learning facilities, located primarily in the advanced Jeremy D. Brown Human Services Building.

          The entire first floor of the Human Services Building is dedicated to the Department of Nursing. Housed within this floor are three high-fidelity human patient simulator rooms—a maternity suite, a pediatrics room and an adult medical/surgical room. Designed to replicate a particular room in a hospital, each contains human-patient simulators with correct anatomical features that replicate many human physiological functions. Students care for the human patient simulator as if he/she were a “real” live patient, discovering critical assessment findings and then proceeding with the clinical thinking and nursing care necessary to ensure a safe, effective outcome for the patient.

          The lab has been incorporated into every clinical nursing course that is offered through the Nursing Department.

          A 2013 grant from the Dr. & Mrs. Arthur William Phillips Charitable Trust allowed the department to replace the Adult Human Patient Simulator with a far more sophisticated model that includes an advanced drug recognition system. The system allows students to administer drugs while simultaneously registering the amount, speed and type of drug automatically and applying the appropriate physiological responses, among numerous other innovations.

          Designed with input from faculty to meet the highly specialized needs of the departments of Nursing and Speech, Language and Hearing, the Human Services Building opened for classes in January 2011.

          Both the Jeremy D. Brown  Human Services Building and the R. Benjamin Wiley Arts & Sciences Center contain a Nursing Arts Lab.