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Field Education is the signature pedagogy for the social work profession, and as such, is a major and crucial component of the program. Field Education is equal to the academic learning experience students have in the classroom.

Bachelor of Social Work

For successful completion of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, students will complete a field internship (minimum of 450 hours). Students can refer to the BSW Field Manual for more information. Students will submit a pre-field application and meet with the BSW Field Director, Ann Bergamasco, to discuss their interest. Students are notified by email of a referral to a potential field site and are asked to schedule an interview with the prospective agency. In order for one to begin placement, students are required to present up-to-date clearances per the agency’s requirements. These may include Child Abuse, Criminal Record, and Background clearances. Students may also be required by agencies to get a physical, drug test, and meet vaccination requirements.

During SOWK 410 Practice III, undergraduate students participate in a concurrent pre-field experience (minimum of 45 field hours) that familiarizes them with the field agency's organization and policies. Most students complete their formal field internship at their pre-field site in the following Spring semester. Each Spring, the senior class sponsors a fair in which they present their current field agencies to the junior class.

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Master of Social Work

Field education is an integral component of PennWest Edinboro’s MSW curriculum and is considered to be the signature pedagogy of social work education by the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE). The field experience engages the student in supervised social work practice and provides opportunities to apply and integrate classroom learning in the field setting.

Field education is completed concurrently with MSW coursework. All students are responsible for locating potential Field Education placement sites. Students will use Tevera, our online field placement management system to submit all internship applications and materials as required. Assistance can be sought from MSW Field Director, Professor Jay Breneman. See the MSW Student Handbook and Field Education Manual for more information.

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