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          The Fast Track to Your Teaching Career

          Fast Track Teacher Certification

          With Edinboro University's Fast Track Teacher Certification program, you can become a professionally-certified teacher in just three semesters, which includes a summer semester that is fully online. Earn a teacher certification based on your undergraduate content area and be certified to teacher at the middle or secondary level.

          That means you can become a teacher in just one year of graduate-level courses. If you have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following content areas, you are most likely qualified for EU’s Fast Track Teacher Certification program*:

          • Art
          • Biology
          • Chemistry
          • English
          • History/Social Studies
          • Math
          • Music
          • Physics
          • Science

          *Additional content area coursework may be required to meet Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements

          Foundations of Education Block (online)
          SPED 710 Seminar in Exceptionalities
          SEDU 692 Seminar on Teaching Adolescents
          SEDU 702 Teaching in the Contemporary Multicultural Classroom **
          SEDU 731 Applied Technological Integration in Education **

          Field Block (on campus)
          SEDU 607 Content Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School **
          SEDU 700 Educational Assessment of Students in the Middle and Secondary Schools **
          SEDU 675 Teaching Methods for Middle and Secondary Classrooms
          SEDU 676 Field Experience for Middle and Secondary Education (completed at placed school)
          SEDU 691 Classroom Management

          Student Teaching Block
          SEDU 695 Student Teaching
          SPED 725 Seminar in Mild to Moderate Disabilities (online)

          **Carryover to M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

          Financial Assistance

          Teacher certification students at Edinboro University are not eligible for graduate-level loans unless they are also admitted into a master’s degree program. If you have exhausted the maximum amount at the undergraduate level, you will not be eligible for Stafford Loan Funding. Additional information about financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Aid at (814) 732-2821 or toll-free (888) 611-2680