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          English as a Second Language

          English as a Second Language

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          Required to earn ESL Certification (15 credits):

          ECED710 Issues and Trends in Early Literacy Development - This course provides an in-depth study of current issues and trends relating to literacy acquisition and development in young children. The psychological and sociological factors underlying the development of language and literacy, the identification of best practices, and the evaluation and assessment of literacy environments and materials are examined. 

          TESL603 Human Language and Culture - This course introduces students to basic anthropological linguistics. Students will have the opportunity to examine the interrelationship between language and culture by studying the cultural aspects of work meaning, syntactic patterns and semantics from both historic and contemporary perspectives.

          TESL675 Instructional Techniques - This course will focus on the basic study of applied linguistics, second language theory, and research-based methods for PK-12 classrooms. The four language domains (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), grammar, and vocabulary development will be closely examined. This course will require a field experience

          TESL700 Assessing English Language Learners - This course will focus on the different stages of second language (L2) development and how to assess them using the state English language proficiency assessment. Students will understand what language "looks and sounds like" at the different stages of L2 development. This course will require a field experience.

          TESL790 ESL Field Experience - This course is designed to provide the teachers/ teacher candidates with field experience with a cooperating teacher in self-contained ESL classroom or a mainstreamed classroom.   

          Click here to apply or for more information, please contact Dr. Whitney Wesley at (814) 732-1591 or wwesley@edinboro.edu.