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The Graduate Studies in Business Department offers a Master in Business Administration (MBA) that allows you to obtain your degree on your time and on your terms. The program offers a unique, flexible delivery modality that gives you the option to take classes online (synchronously or asynchronously), face-to-face, or a combination of the two. You can choose your delivery mode from week to week based on your work or personal schedule.

Additional benefits of Edinboro’s MBA program include shortened 7.5-week terms, affordable tuition compared to other programs in the region, and the option to focus your studies on a business discipline such as accounting or finance through partnerships with local universities.

Courses are taught by expert faculty members with vast industry and teaching experience. Each faculty member has worked extensively in management, finance, human resources, accounting, and other leadership roles and brings that knowledge to the classroom.

As a student in Edinboro’s MBA program, you’ll engage in meaningful dialogue with both your faculty members and peers. Students from all backgrounds, including students with years of work experience and recent graduates, learn together to create a rich environment, ripe for new ideas and personal growth.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, the Graduate Studies in Business Department is preparing the leaders of the 21st Century to guide organizations through times of constant change in a global economy. With courses in change management, leadership, investment and credit, management decision making, etc., the curriculum is designed to create a multi-disciplinary experience for students as they learn to tackle real-world problems and make effective decisions while recognizing the needs of various stakeholders.

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