Online Scholarship Sources


Wondering where to go to find scholarship opportunities and information? Start here. You can trust PennWest Edinboro to show you how to find legitimate scholarships online and give you tips to help you avoid common scams.


Reputable Online Resources

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The nation’s largest provider of college financial aid to Latino students.


Lists various scholarships and tips for applying.

Information on external scholarships, loan options, and more.


Peterson’s helps you discover, prepare for and fund your education.

How to Avoid Common Scams

Internet searches are another great way to find free money, but caution is a must. While there are many reputable websites such as those listed above, many other sites will try to scam you and your family out of money and even your identity.

Here are some red flags:

For more information and advice on applying for various scholarships and avoiding scams, visit

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