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          COVID-19 Cases Tracker

          Edinboro University students or employees, known to have tested positive for COVID-19 and who may have presented an exposure risk to other members of the University community, are aggregated in the table below. Contractors doing business on campus are included in employee figures. These figures include only those cases known to Edinboro University, and do not necessarily include positive cases impacting community members personally, but not reported to the University.

          It is important to note that these numbers represent cases reported to University student health services and may include those reported by the Erie County Health Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

          Confirmed Cases

          Employees Students
          Aug. 17-23 0 1
          Aug. 24-30 0 0
          Aug. 31-Sep. 6 0 0
          Sep. 7-13 0 1
          Sep. 14-20 0 2
          Sep. 21-27 0 0
          Sep. 28-Oct. 4 0 0
          Oct. 5-11 0 0
          Oct. 12-18 0 0
          Oct. 19-25 0 2
          Oct. 26-Nov. 1 0 2
          Nov. 2-8 1 5
          Nov. 9-15 0 6
          Nov. 16-22 1 15
          Nov. 23-29 0 6
          Jan. 11-17 0 1

          Procedures for Positive Cases of COVID-19

          Edinboro will generally become aware of a positive case in one of four ways:

          • Notification from the Erie County Department of Health if the person is tested in Erie County
          • Notification from the PA Department of Health if the person is tested in another county within Pennsylvania
          • Notification from University Student Health Services if the person is tested by the University
          • Notification from the individual self-reporting (any student or employee who is displaying symptoms and plans to be tested should alert the health center.)

          What happens to the individual who is positive?

          The individual will be required to isolate in accordance with Erie County Department of Health requirements.


          • Because all undergraduate students living on campus are living in single rooms, any undergraduate residential student who tests positive will isolate in their room.  Edinboro University will coordinate food service and other logistics for residential students in isolation.
          • If the individual is a student living off campus, the student will isolate at home, following the requirements of their local or state health department.

          Faculty or Staff

          If the individual is a faculty or staff member, they will isolate at home or another location following their local or state health department requirements.

          Contact Tracing

          Upon notice of a positive case, the University will contact the Erie County Department of Health to ensure the case has been reported and contact tracing is occurring.  The University will assist the health department with contact tracing as necessary. 


          The University has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in all campus buildings.  In the event of a positive case, representatives from the University’s Emergency Response Team will complete an evaluation of the case to determine the extent special cleaning or closures of an area are necessary to keep students and employees safe. Edinboro University will follow the CDC’s cleaning guidelines. 

          In the event the location must be closed, the Emergency Response Team  will coordinate with Facilities and the affected school/unit to ensure that affected individuals are notified.

          Campus Notification

          Due to the global pandemic, it should be assumed that COVID-19 is everywhere. While there is often interest in knowing about positive cases, Edinboro University is obligated to protect the privacy of anyone who has tested positive for COVID. It is important to remember that a contact tracer will reach out to you if you have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID. If you are not a close contact, and you have been following general safety practices like wearing masks and social distancing, your risk of contracting COVID is low.  

          In order to create transparency when positive cases are identified, the following communication protocols will be followed:

          • The COVID Case Tracker will note the number of new cases among students and employees and will be updated soon after a positive case is confirmed.
          • The Emergency Response Team will notify only individuals who will be affected by area closures resulting from positive cases.
          • The University will not send an email message to the campus community nor notify the media every time there is a positive case on campus.
          • In certain cases, when an entire department or office may be exposed from a contact tracing perspective, a broader communication may be issued.

          For information on testing and related matters, see the University’s plans for spring 2021.