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          Employer Tuition Reimbursement Agreement

          Students who are working while enrolled at Edinboro University may have employer-paid education benefits, and can defer a portion of their semester balance until 60 days from the end of the semester.

          Students can request a deferment by completing the Employer Reimbursement Agreement

          Once the completed form is received, the student will receive an email from the Student Accounts Office at their student address (scots.edinboro.edu) with instructions to log into e-bill and enroll in the payment plan. Failure to enroll in the payment plan will nullify this agreement and the account balance will become payable by the due date. Reminder: a new tuition reimbursement agreement must be completed each semester.

          During the payment plan enrollment process, 20% payment of the term balance is required. The student will also be required to authorize automatic payment of any unpaid balance due on the 60th day after the end of the term of this agreement.