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          Shelby Urbine 
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          Ropes Course

          The Ropes Course at Edinboro University offers you an exhilarating experience that will challenge you mentally and physically and get your heart pumping!

          Student going through the ropes course

          Edinboro University’s Ropes Course is designed to provide a fun, exhilarating and challenging experience for you and your group, while building self-confidence and developing problem-solving, communication and leadership skills.

          The course features eight low ropes and six high ropes elements that are sure to get your heart pumping and your team working together. Effective collaboration is a necessary function of any successful group or organization, and what better way to learn than by doing?

          We offer group ropes sessions that vary in size from 5 to 30 participants. Based upon the group size, skill-level and team objectives, the EU Ropes Course adventure can be personalized to meet the needs of any group. Whether you take on the low ropes course for teambuilding fun, or you choose to challenge your group with the high ropes course, your team will grow and flourish through this unique and challenging activity.

          Low Ropes Elements

          Nitro Crossing: Using a rope swing, participants must cross a “bottomless chasm” without knocking off the “trip wires” or falling into the chasm.

          Mohawk Walk: The objective of this element is for the group to join hands and walk from one end of the cable to the other without falling.

          Wild Woozy: Two people stand facing each other on the narrow end of a “V” shaped cable. They must support each other as they walk towards the wide end of the "V" without falling.

          Whale Watch: The group must balance on either side of a giant seesaw without touching the ground. For more of a challenge, the group must balance while switching sides or dismounting.

          Trust Fall: This mentally challenging, trust-building exercise requires the participant to fall into the arms of 8 teammates from a 4’ tall platform.

          Islands: The task is to move the whole group from one large platform to another, via a small platform and two short boards.

          All Aboard: The entire group must stand with both feet on a 2' x 2' wooden platform and remain off the ground for a minimum duration of five seconds.

          Spider Web: This element challenges the group to move all individuals from one side of the web to the other, while following a given set of instructions.

          High Ropes Elements

          Giant Swing: The individual is attached to a cable that is pulled by their team to the height of their choice, and then released. This element gets the whole group involved in the climber’s experience.

          Leap of Faith: Dressed in a parachute harness and hooked to safety lines, the participant climbs up a pole and onto a platform. The person then jumps for a rope, which is just out of reach, and is lowered to the ground by safety lines.

          Horizontal Ladder: Successful completion of this element requires the participant to walk across an elevated horizontal ladder, without the aid of his or her safety lines.

          Commando Crawl: Starting on the ground, participants must pull themselves upward and onto a platform.

          Zipline: After being hooked into the zip line safety system, participants sail through the trees at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

          Centipede: Participants must ascend a 4x4 object that is attached at the top but sways as they climb.

          Rope Course Rates

          Group (Minimum of 7 people; price per person): $35

          Special pricing is available for non-profit organizations.

          Tackling the course during lunch time? Arrange for your group to eat on-site for an additional fee. Boxed lunches include the choice of a roast beef, ham, turkey or vegetarian sandwich, an apple, cookies, chips and bottled water.

          For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Shelby Urbine at (814) 732-1545 or email