Branden Montgomery – Masters of Arts in Communications Studies – Edinboro University

          “Edinboro University helped prepare me for my future in the greatest way possible.”

          BTB Montgomery1

          Journalism and Public Relations

          My plans following graduation include returning to Edinboro University to continue my education for my master of arts in Communication Studies. But before that, I will be working over the summer at the Chautauqua Institution as their video production intern under their marketing department. When I return for graduate school, I hope to continue working with the campus television station and help the students grow in their own education like I did when attending Edinboro for my undergraduate degree.

          Originally, I wanted to follow the path of film production when I was in school, but when I was going into my junior year at McDowell High School, one of my teachers told me I should check out the digital media camp that Edinboro University’s campus media department ran. I took the opportunity and absolutely fell in love with the university’s location and atmosphere, along with the professors who helped organize the camp. The camp helped teach me all the different things that come with video production in the media and how it all works on television. After attending the camp, that's when I knew that I wanted to go into television or media production!

          There are many people who helped me along the way, starting with Dr. Ron Raymond, Dr. Jim Wertz and Dr. Tony Peyronel, who helped guide me to attend Edinboro University and then work toward my degree in Digital Media Production. But before that my high school teacher, Stephanie Weiss, was the one to guide me to this university in the first place, and without that I wouldn't have met my current significant other, Gabrielle Knappenberger, and so many different friends. 

          Edinboro University helped prepare me for my future in the greatest way possible: Letting me fail but teaching me how to pass. In the world of television at universities, many wouldn't allow students to touch the equipment until their third or fourth year, but at Edinboro Television (ETV), I was thrown in on day one and from there always grew in experience. Even though there may not be a lot of specific classes for television or video production, I believe it is stronger to have that freedom of curiosity to learn what area you could master and take it further than taking a whole bunch of pointless classes.