Kimberly Mosher – Master of Science – Organization Leadership, Purdue University Fort Wayne

          “Edinboro University has given me the education and experience that has prepared me so well…”

          BTB Mosher


          Edinboro University's Psychology department has successfully prepared me to continue my education at a graduate level. I will be attending Purdue Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Ind., to pursue a master of science in Organizational Leadership and will continue Industrial/Organizational Psychology research with some of the most notable researchers in my area of expertise. 

          I was very fortunate to have faculty that supported me and allowed me to see my potential for graduate school early in my undergraduate career, so I always knew I would be continuing my education. However, once I started research regarding social media's role in the workplace, I began reaching out to these researchers and gathered specifics about their graduate programs. The moment I had referenced work from Purdue Fort Wayne in my own research, I contacted these researchers and knew right away that their program was the perfect fit for my career and research goals. 

          There are a lot of moments and accomplishments that have been very pivotal, but my first research conference was the moment that I knew I'd be choosing a career path that would provide me with opportunities to conduct research. I certainly went into this research project blindly, but I had faculty that invested in me and allowed me to complete the research and present it in Atlanta in a very short time frame. From that moment on, I feel as though I've grown so much as a researcher and as a professional. 

          If I were to make a list of all the individuals who have invested in my academic career, I'd be going on for hours. However, the faculty in the psychology department are truly like no other. I never imagined I'd have faculty who truly cared about my success. I do have to give a special thanks to Dr. Gary Labine, Dr. Thaddeus Rada-Bayne, Dr. Sharon Hamilton and Dr. Wayne Hawley for taking me under their wing and being my mentors throughout my undergraduate experience. I also am so grateful for my family's support throughout the years and their willingness to help out in every way. I have also been blessed with amazing and supportive friends during my time at Edinboro.

          Edinboro University has given me the education and experience that has prepared me so well for not only graduate school, but also for my career in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I have learned the importance of networking, organization, professionalism, hands-on experience, critical thinking, decision-making, and so much more. I couldn't imagine another university preparing me the way Edinboro University has. 

          My plans for the years to come include finishing my master’s and enrolling in a Ph.D. program in either Organizational Leadership or Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Once I earn a Ph.D., I am hoping to enter academia and become a professor in this area, in hopes to follow in the footsteps of the amazing faculty here at Edinboro.