Tarae Price – From Edinboro University to Mock Trial and Law School

          “Graduating from Edinboro is going to be the greatest feeling. I can already tell.”

          BTB Price

          Criminal Justice

          During my freshman year at Edinboro University, I discovered that criminal justice is what I wanted to pursue. Without the opportunity to explore other majors, I fear that I would have hopped from one major to another.

          I specifically chose criminal justice due to one reason. Dr. James D. Fisher was my professor for CRIM 100, and his teaching style was excellent. He made sure that we, as students, understood what we were talking about and how issues arise easily within the criminal justice system. It’s not the best system – it needs improvement. But we need to understand how the system works to make it better. After that class, I knew that criminal justice was the major for me.

          Throughout the years, the criminal justice department was like a second home to me. The class curriculum always intrigued me. The professors always brought something new to the table. Also, specifically Dr. Kevin Courtright and Dr. Joseph Conti are two professors that I can always have conversations with about my future. Especially, with my experience with Mock Trial this year. I’ve discovered a confidence in myself that I didn’t know was there.

          The person who has helped me the most along the way is my mother. I remember, during my freshman year of college, reading a letter from her. She was so excited for the friends I’d make, the connections with professors I’d have, and that she wanted me to graduate. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to see that because she passed away during my sophomore year. Even though my mother has passed, I know she would be proud of me. I know she would be proud that I’m graduating from the university she saw as such a great place for me to grow into the adult I was meant to be before I even knew any of that.

          My future plans consist of going to law school after this year is over. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The thought of hearing cases, deciding on who gets what, and having that power to decide is something that appeals to me. There are always two sides of every story, but does that align with what’s legal? That’s the ultimate question.

          I am thankful for the opportunity to even go to college. Some people don’t even get that chance. I’m proud to be a Criminal Justice major with minors in Psychology, Political Science and Pre-Law. I hope to set an example to other students to keep pursing what they want. Graduating from Edinboro is going to be the greatest feeling. I can already tell.