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          Center for Faculty Excellence
          Baron-Forness Library
          7th Floor, Room 715
          200 Tartan Road Drive
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2333

          Dr. Kathleen Dailey

          CFE Programs and Services



          Targeted to faculty who wish to expand their teaching skills and increase student engagement, the CFE provides an opportunity to receive a confidential outside perspective on their teaching from an accomplished instructor.

          Consulting is done on an individual basis and is not part of the CBA-defined faculty performance evaluation process.

          Types of services provided:

          • Evaluate student and peer evaluation results and assist in developing a strategy for performance improvement
          • Evaluate syllabi and provide suggestions for change or improvement
          • Evaluate course assessment methods; this includes formative and summative measures as well as formal and informal methods of checking for understanding
          • Observe in-class teaching performance and provide suggestions for improvement; multiple visitations may be needed to fully understand teaching performance in different types of classes and to review presentations following integration of suggestions
          • Make suggestions for further professional development either through the CFE or other sources

          New Faculty Teaching Orientations

          CFE offers a variety of services for instructors new to Edinboro University. These programs are designed to help new faculty EU students, find the resources they need to be successful, and begin to develop a community of colleagues. 

          Human Resources provides a New Faculty Orientation to introduce all new faculty to the Edinboro University community.

          Educational Resources

          In addition to the above resources, a number of informational books are available to faculty members interested in expanding their teaching skills. Professional development publications can also be accessed through Magna Publications.