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          Income Adjustment

          Sometimes special circumstances can affect a student’s financial situation, such as a change in income/employment, living arrangements or family situation. In those cases, adjustments may be made to the student’s financial aid package.


          You may qualify for special circumstances if you and/or your family’s current year income will be reduced significantly ($2,000 or more) compared to your/their income provided on FAFSA.

          Apply for Special Circumstances Consideration

          To apply, you must complete the Income Adjustment Form and provide proof of the special circumstances along with documentation of the income reduction.

          Examples of documentation:

          • a letter of dismissal from your employer
          • a final pay stub, a separation/divorce degree
          • a letter stating your unemployment compensation benefits
          • a copy of the death certificate of the parent who passed away
          • documentation of the loss of untaxed income, such as child support

          All Income Adjustment requests and the required documents must be submitted by April of each academic year. Any requests or documents received after April 1 will not be processed.

          The review of requests for income adjustment will begin after June 1 or after ten consecutive weeks of income loss, whichever is later. If additional documentation is required, email notification will be sent to the address listed on your FAFSA. Additional verification of income may be requested as the calendar year ends.

          Special Circumstance requests are award-year-specific and are only processed once every two (2) academic years. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing after all required documents have been received.

          If it is determined that the estimated income is significantly under-reported ($2,000 or more), we will re-calculate the student’s eligibility. Over-awards as a result of under-estimated income will be the responsibility of the student.

          If you are an undergraduate student and Pennsylvania resident and would like to file a Reduced Income Form for your PHEAA state grant, please go to for the appropriate form or call PHEAA at (800) 692-7392.