Leadership Studies Minor - Edinboro University

          Leadership Studies Minor

          Take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of leadership through the minor in Leadership Studies. Choose courses from a variety of departments to develop fundamental skills, capacities and knowledge necessary to assume leadership positions in public, private and nonprofit organizations.

          Learning outcomes include:

          • Leadership Foundations
            Examine the historical foundations of leadership studies including the theories, concepts and models that underpin the study of leadership.
          • Presentation Skills
            Demonstrate the oral communication skills needed as a leader to present messages in an ethical manner.
          • Interpersonal/Group Skills
            Develop effective interpersonal and group skills necessary for leaders to interact with diverse individuals, resolve conflicts and create beneficial relationships.
          • Organizational Change Skills
            Formulate strategic thinking skills in facilitating organizational growth and change.
          • Community Engagement Skills
            Recognize the importance of leadership in contributing to community life and active citizenship in a democratic society. 
          • Critical Thinking Skills
            Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for effective leadership.

          Leadership Studies Minor Course Sheet