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          John Christman, PhD
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          Pets and Vets


          Thank you to all of the Veterans, students, staff, faculty, and members of the Edinboro community who attended the second annual Pets and Vets fair. This year's event saw over 100 visitors meet with the shelters and organizations that were present. We were also able to collect 107 items for donation to the ANNA Shelter and Because You Care. There were also several hundred dollars in cash donations given directly to the shelters and many students signed up to volunteer hours with the shelters.

          We would also like to thank all of the shelters for their participation in the event, the ANNA Shelter, Because You Care, Orphan Angels, and the Humane Society of Erie. It was a pleasure to get to meet so many wonderful shelter animals and get to spread the word about your work in the community. Thanks also go out to Blended Spirits Ranch, your Veterans' equine therapy program is a great help to Veterans throughout the Erie community and it was wonderful to have you present to discuss it with students and Veterans alike. We would also like to thank the Camboro Veterinary Hospital and Erie Animal Hospital for your assistance and for taking the time to spread the word about your services at our event. The SVA would also like to thank the Edinboro University Clay Club, Metals Club, and Wood Club for their support and generous donations to the shelters. We are grateful for your assistance and were glad to host your tables at the event. Last but never least, we would also like to thank the VA Hospital of Erie for coming down to discuss PTSD and the services available in Erie and the satellite office in Meadville. Without the efforts of these organization the event would not have been as great of a success as it was.

          The Veterans Success Center would like to recognize the efforts of the SVA in setting up this event in general, but a few student Veterans in particular. SVA President Eric D. Walton did an excellent job gathering information on and contacting the different shelters, collecting insurance information, get club participation, and scheduling the MPR-B room. SVA Vice President Melissa Winfield made the wonderful flyer for Pets and Vets, contacted the VA and veterinary hospitals, and worked all day supervising the floor of the event. Thanks go out to Tyler Stanton for taking photos from the event floor. And thanks go out to Doug Kirik for volunteering all day to work the floor and pass out welcome pamphlets. Without your efforts there would not have been a Pets and Vets, and we are grateful for your tireless work.

          Once again thank you to all of our guests and we can't wait to see you next year. In the meantime take a well-deserved rest.