Edinboro Art Day


Edinboro Art Day

At Edinboro, we feel that learning about, experiencing, and creating ART is a great way to spend our time. We are glad that you do too! We look forward to being with you for Edinboro Art Day on Friday, October 21.

Important dates leading up to Edinboro art day

Sept. 22 We will send a list of the workshops and demonstrations being offered and a reminder to register.
Sept. 26

Registration opens. You and your students will sign up for your workshop and hands on demonstration of choice at the link provided. Register early for the best selection! Classes will close when full.

Oct. 7 Registration closes.



8:30 - 9:00 am Check in at Cole Auditorium
9:00 - 9:20 am Welcome and Introduction
9:30 - 10:00 am Demonstration
10:15 - 11:45 am Hands-on Workshop
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch, Edinboro art student presentations and closing remarks


(9:30 - 10:00 am)

Illustration: The Many Faces of Illustration with Professor Michelle Vitali

Introduction to illustration - one of the most wildly diverse art fields - and the media used.

Drawing: Subtractive Drawing with Professor Geoff Beadle

A demonstration of drawing from observation using the eraser as the primary markmaking tool.

Painting: Digital Painting with Professor John Bavaro

Learn how to how to paint on the Cintiq tablets using Photoshop.

Wood Furniture: Relief Carving in Wood with Professor Karen Ernst

Learn about woodcarving tools and how to use them to create textures, patterns, and imagery on a wood panel.

Graphic and Interactive Design: The Beehive: A Student-Driven Design Studio with Professor Cass Reese

Meet senior graphic students and faculty working with real clients in the local community on professional graphic design projects. Learn about their design process as they share with you their current projects.

Computer Animation: The 3D Animation Pipeline with Professor Karabo Legwaila

Find out how movies go from an idea in someone’s head to the screen!

Animation: Storyboarding Basics for Animation with Professor Mike Genz

Discover how animators create a character walk cycle.

Animation: Animation Principles with Professor Brad Pattullo

A demonstration of a few of the basic principles of movement using a bouncing ball animation.

Ceramics: Hand Building with Clay with Professor Chuck Johnson

Come and learn hand building techniques in the Ceramics studio.

Sculpture: Plasma Arc Cutting Applications/Drawing on Sheet Metal with Professor DW Martin

This demonstration will present the use and applications of hand-held plasma cutting into 16-gauge steel sheet.

Printmaking: Screen Printing with Professor Bill Mathie

We will present a screen printing demonstration during which students will have the opportunity to learn the screen printing process, try pulling a print themselves and take home the print they pull. 

Animation: Digital Animation with Professor Jeremy Galante

You will be presented with a sampling of the 2D Animation software used in our courses. 

Jewelry and Metalsmithing: Enameling in the Round with Professor Cappy Counard

Join us for an inclusive enameling demonstration that will cover simple sifting, liquid enamel, and other techniques to add color to volumetric metal forms.


Hands-on Workshops
(10:15 - 11:45 am)

Illustration: Forensic Illustration with Professor Michelle Vitali

This workshop will be a brief introduction to forensic facial reconstruction and participants will have a chance to try a 2D reconstruction they can take home.

Drawing: Figure Drawing with Professor Geoff Beadle

Experience the dynamics of the human form while exploring various strategies of gesture drawing from a live (clothed) model. NOTE: This is a fast-moving workshop - bring lots of energy!

Painting: Digital Painting with Professor John Bavaro

Learn how to how to paint on the Cintiq tablets using Photoshop.

Wood Furniture: Relief Carving in Wood: Color and Texture with Professor Karen Ernst

Learn the basics of relief carving in wood, as you use hand and power tools (and paint!) to create fun textures, patterns, and imagery on a wood tile.

Graphic and Interactive Design: Motion Design Workshop: Animated GIFs in After Effects with Professor Cass Reese

An introduction to keyframes in the creation of an animated GIF using Adobe After Effects.

Computer Animation: 3D Fluid Simulation with Professor Karabo Legwaila

Come and see how computer-generated water is created.

Animation: Sequential Art with Professor Mike Genz

Students will learn to animate a character walk cycle.

Art Education/Bruce Gallery: Art Remix: Trading Cards Workshop with Professor Lisa Austin and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Meier

Create artist trading cards in response to artwork in the Bruce Gallery show --- SUR(face): contemporary & traditional approaches to portraiture.

Ceramics: Throwing on the Pottery Wheel with Professor Chuck Johnson

Join us for an opportunity to learn to throw clay and get a chance to try it yourself.

Painting: Making Artists Oils with Professor Malcolm Christhilf

Learn how artist oil paints are made and try the process yourself.

Printmaking: Relief Printing on T-Shirts with Professor Bill Mathie

We will present a workshop on printing linoleum relief on T-shirts. Carving will be demonstrated and students will investigate color inking techniques.  Each participant will choose from numerous carved blocks, inking, composing, and layering them on T-Shirts. Students will each take home the T-Shirt they design and print.

Animation: Animated Walk with Professor Brad Pattullo

Participants work to create the basic poses of a character walk cycle.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing: A Necklace to Wear Home with Professor Cappy Counard

In this fast-paced workshop everyone will design a collection of pendants using texturing, roller printing, forming, coloring and finishing.

Drawing: Silverpoint Workshop with Professor Suzanne Proulx

This workshop gives an overview and brief history of the antique drawing method Silverpoint, used by masters such as Durer and Michelangelo before the graphite pencil was invented.  Proulx will demonstrate techniques, and participants will get to do their own silverpoint drawings using special tools and prepared paper.


There is no limit to the number of teachers that can attend.

Please invite up to twelve of your most promising and dedicated art students to participate. This will be an annual event so you may consider inviting your juniors and seniors first.

Yes! Each participant will choose one 30-minute demonstration and one 90-minute hands-on workshop. Classes will close when the seats fill so please register early if you want a specific schedule.

Faculty members from across the Art Department’s twelve areas of concentration (Animation, Film, Photography, Graphic and Interactive Design, Art Education, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Wood Furniture, Sculpture, Illustration, Printmaking, Drawing and Painting) will present demonstrations and workshops with the assistance of our students.

Demonstrations and workshops will range from gesture drawing, branding and creating a piece of jewelry to printmaking, wheel throwing and animating a figure. Demonstrations will be instructional while workshops will have a hands-on component.

Edinboro Art Day is free of charge. All of the materials and a boxed lunch will be provided.

Plan to arrive by 8:30 am to complete registration before the programming begins at 9 am. Cars can park in the Clock Tower Parking Lot. Buses need to drop participants off in the Clock Tower Parking lot and proceed to the McComb parking lot on the other side of campus.  Registration and the introductory remarks will be in the:

Louis C. Cole Auditorium - Memorial Hall
205 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA 16444

Personalized schedules, maps with demonstration and workshop locations, and nametags will be provided for each art teacher and student at registration.

Participants will be guided by Edinboro students and faculty to their first demonstration, and to lunch at the end of the day. Edinboro students will also be available between sessions to help everyone find their hands-on workshop.

We are happy to offer participants a complimentary lunch box with sandwich choices of Ham, Turkey and Vegetarian Caprese. An Apple, Chips, Cookie and a drink will also be included.  (Anyone with strict dietary restrictions should plan to bring a bagged lunch.)

Yes current Edinboro undergraduate art students will give short presentations about their artwork and special projects. We will the end the day with an opportunity to ask these students questions about their art school experience.

Programming will end at 1:00 pm.

We believe the work that you do is valuable and hope that our Edinboro Art Day programming will enhance your curriculum this fall. We are looking forward to spending time with you and your students in October!

Please contact Cappy Counard with any questions.