Regional Scottish Fiddle Championships - Edinboro University

          Regional Scottish Fiddle Championships

          The fiddle, or violin, has always been a very popular instrument in Scotland, and is often learned at school. People have played the fiddle in Scotland for over 500 years and the instrument has a colorful history. It has often been associated in folklore with the devil.

          There are several broad regional styles of Scottish fiddling - Shetland, North East, Highland and Borders. Scottish-style fiddle playing is also popular in Nova Scotia, Canada, where it was preserved and developed its own characteristics as part of the emigrant Scottish - and particularly Gaelic - communities there. 

          The main melodic range of the fiddle is very close to that of the female human voice, and it is perfect for playing beautiful, slow melodies. However, the fiddle is probably best-known for playing fiery, energetic dance tunes. It can be played solo, or as part of a dance band, fiddle group and other combinations.

          The late Paul Brockman is responsible for a revival of Scottish Fiddle in the US. He organized fiddle demonstrations and then competitions to increase interest. He founded Sottish FIRE (Scottish Fiddle Revival) which is the governing body for all sanctioned competitions. Paul’s wife Nancy continues to support Scottish fiddle in his memory by providing the Founder’s Trophy that will be presented to the winner of the Open class at Saturday’s National Competition. For more information visit the website: Or you can visit Scottish FIRE on Facebook at: Scottish F.I.R.E.