Greek Life History & Alumni


The history of Edinboro's Greek Life goes back to 1925, and we would like to share that history as well as highlight some of the people who have brought us to this point. In this section you'll find a brief history of Greek Life, an alumni spotlight, and plans and dates for future alumni events. Even if you are an alumnus of a now-closed chapter, we still appreciate what you've brought to the community and wish to offer you more ways to get involved!


In 1925, Greek Life began in an unofficial way. A group of men formed the Beta Xi fraternity and held social events, even though Greek Life wasn't allowed at Pennsylvania public universities until 1928. Once the laws changed in 1928, Edinboro officially welcomed Beta Xi (whose 1931 composite can be seen in the middle of the top photo), as well as another fraternity, Chi Delta Sigma, and its first sorority, Alpha Delta. Over time, new organizations joined while others transitioned. Beta Xi became Kappa Delta Phi in 1938 (its homecoming float is pictured top-right), and later joined as a chapter of the national fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1965. Meanwhile, Alpha Delta, chartered under Delta Zeta, also in 1965 (this group of women is pictured top-left). Between 1925 and 1966, Edinboro saw eight fraternities and sororities come onto campus, including the current sororities Delta Zeta, Alpha Gamma Delta (originally Theta Sigma Upsilon in 1950), and Sigma Sigma Sigma (originally Zeta Tau in 1958). From 1966 to today, more than 10 other fraternities and sororities joined the Edinboro community, although only 11 are currently active.

100 Years of Greek Life

We are quickly approaching 100 years of Greek Life at PennWest Edinboro, and we would like to celebrate that achievement! While plans are in the very early stages, we hope to have some big event scheduled in 2025 for alumni of all organizations to come back. Please check back periodically until then to see what's happening!

Alumni Spotlight

To show more appreciation to our alumni, we have started an Alumni Spotlight, where we'll highlight two alumni every semester as nominated by our IFC and Panhellenic representatives. Please check back in the Fall for our first spotlight! If you know anyone who deserves a nomination, please reach out to your current chapter or to one of the governing boards.