Health and Wellness


The safety and wellness of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority. That's why we offer extensive health services at PennWest Edinboro. Because of our safe community and support services, we can ensure that you are happy and healthy at all times so you can focus on your education and everything that comes along with it.

Be Safe

While no campus is entirely isolated from crime, PennWest Edinboro is a very safe campus because we have developed policies and implemented procedures to increase safety and security awareness for all members of our community.

PennWest Edinboro Police

The PennWest Edinboro Police Department is a fully commissioned police force that works in collaboration with other public safety and law enforcement agencies.

EU Shield

This state-of-the art emergency alert communication system quickly notifies students and other members of the community in case any emergency situation arises on or near campus.

Be Healthy

Keeping strong and healthy, both physically and mentally, is key to academic success. PennWest Edinboro offers valuable services that are especially geared to the needs of college students.

Student Health Services

Think of this as your primary care physician's office while you are at Edinboro. You'll receive high-quality medical care and education in a caring, comfortable setting.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Life as a college student can be challenging and sometimes stressful. CAPS provides a range of mental health services so you can recognize and resolve your concerns with the help of mental health professionals.

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