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First Year Student Housing Application


Policies, fees and due dates you need to know when applying for first-year student housing at Edinboro.

University Housing Policy

All single, full-time, dependent students who are not commuting from the home of a parent or guardian that is within 50 miles of the campus are required to live in University owned or affiliated housing for four consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) or until they have completed at least 59 credit hours. Transfer students entering the university with less than 59 credit hours completed will be required to remain on-campus for two consecutive years (excluding summer sessions) or until they have completed 59 credit hours. Also see Policy No. A026.

If you are a first-time EU student and believe that your circumstances qualify for an exemption, please complete the form here (attachment) and return it to the Residence Life and Housing office, located on the second floor of Pogue Student Center.

Cancellation Policy

The following are valid circumstances in which a student can be released from their Housing and Food Service Agreement:

Fees and Due Dates

If approved, all students will be assessed a $250 cancellation fee, billed directly to their student account.

If not approved, a student has five (5) business days to submit an appeal to the Director of Residence Life and Housing. New documentation should be provided or areas of the specific grounds for denial should be addressed in the appeal.

Fall Semester Release Requests: Due on or by April 15 annually

Spring Semester Release Requests: Due on or by Nov. 15 annually

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