Edinboro, Clarion and Cal U teams embark on campus road tour



The admissions teams from California, Clarion and Edinboro embarked this week on a three-day road trip – one of the first collaborative events as sister schools. The group, consisting of eight Edinboro, 11 Cal U and seven Clarion admissions counselors, will spend one day on each campus.

"The primary purpose of the trip is for the admissions counselors/recruiters to come together as one university and start to bond as a cohesive team," said Tracey Sheetz, dean of admissions at Cal U. "With many of our counselors embedded in our campuses for decades, several of them know each other from recruiting on the road but have always seen each other as competition. The shift of mindset begins with team building and everyone becoming familiar with each campus in order to recruit for all campuses and one university."

The group spent July 20 at Edinboro, July 21 at Clarion and July 22 at Cal U. Each day will consist of morning travel to each campus, a team building/professional development session, tour of campus, lunch, academic program highlights with faculty, a Slate (communication-fostering platform) training session, and then evening dinner out. Each campus will provide the others with t-shirts and materials.