Edinboro launches ‘The Learning Curve’ video series


The Learning Curve

“The Learning Curve.”

We know it as the course of progress made in learning something.

We have grown acutely aware of it, as the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown quite a challenge at students and their academic progress all over the world.

Since its outbreak last year, the world has adjusted – and we have all made changes to the way we live our lives. Although some universities are holding in-person classes this fall, many have transitioned to all or mostly virtual courses.

Naturally, this is a bit of an adjustment, and there is bound to be a learning curve involved with online learning.

Find out how the students of Edinboro University are adapting to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic in “The Learning Curve,” a new Edinboro student video interview series.

The interview series is hosted by Nathan Brennan, a senior Journalism and Public Relations major with a minor in Communications. He is currently the fall 2020 intern with Edinboro’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

With a background in journalistic writing cultivated by Edinboro’s student newspaper, the Spectator, Brennan brings his interviewing skills to this new Q&A series.

The series will feature interviews with a wide range of students across the University and will dive into how their schoolwork, personal lives and extracurricular activities have been affected by the pandemic.

The first episode of “The Learning Curve“ features Edinboro senior Strategic Communication student Erika DePalma, who discusses her schoolwork and her involvement as president of the Edinboro branch of the Delta Zeta sorority.

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Follow “The Learning Curve” at Edinboro University’s official YouTube channel.