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          • Edinboro University honors Carden as Scholar of the Year

          Edinboro University honors Carden as Scholar of the Year

          May 07, 2019

          Edinboro University honors Carden as Scholar of the Year

          Dr. Mary Paniccia Carden, chairperson of the Department of English and Philosophy, was recently recognized as Edinboro University’s 2019 Scholar of the Year.

          The annual award, which honors a tenured professor who demonstrates outstanding excellence in scholarly research, was presented during Edinboro’s Academic Honors Convocation in April.

          In their official joint-nomination letter for Carden, associate English professors Dr. John Cussen and Dr. Robert Hass mention more than 30 publications, presentations and reviews for which Carden was solely or cooperatively involved.

          “The depth and breadth of Carden’s scholarly productivity in the past five years has been remarkable,” Cussen and Hass wrote in their statement.

          Carden’s research interests and publications deal with American literature and narrative theory, particularly in gender and ethnicity. Her recent book publications include “Women Writers of the Beat Era: Autobiography and Intertextuality” (2018) and “Sons and Daughters of Self-Made Men: Improvising Gender, Place, Nation in American Literature” (2010).

          In the past five years she’s published three scholarly articles in influential literary journals, including “Joanne Kyger’s Travel Chapbooks: A Poetics of Motion” (2018) and “’The Unkillable Mother’: Sovereignty and Survivance in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House” (2018).

          Prior to 2013, 10 of her scholarly essays appeared in journals and she contributed three book chapters to peer-reviewed essay collections. Her research and contributions earned her the Women’s Philanthropy Council Research Grant in 2018.

          Carden has recently been invited to contribute to the collection of essays Teaching Beat Generation Writers by the Modern Language Association, and she regularly presents at literary conferences. This year, she will present a paper on Jane Smiley’s Last One Hundred Years trilogy at the American Literature Association Conference.

          At Edinboro, Carden has revised numerous English courses to provide a more enriching education for students. Working with John Repp and Dr. Robert Holderer, she developed the Professional Writing minor and the English/Pre-Law minor. She also mentors students producing original articles and essays, encouraging them to publish and present their work at conferences.

          “I consider my scholarship and teaching fundamentally intertwined and mutually productive,” said Carden, who joined Edinboro’s faculty in 2002.

          Throughout her Edinboro career, Carden has taught courses in English and writing and regularly offers advanced Topics and Authors seminars. Starting fall 2019, she will offer a new seminar entitled American Ethnic Literatures.

          Carden earned her Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Ph.D. in English from State University of New York (1986-97), where she focused on speech communication and English writing. Prior to Edinboro, she served as a teaching assistant and lecturer at State University of New York, before becoming an assistant professor of English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.