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          • Chris Lantinen: The future of journalism

          Chris Lantinen: The future of journalism

          Edinboro faculty member selected to Erie Reader’s ’40 Under 40’ list

          September 03, 2020

          Chris Lantinen: The future of journalism

          Photo credit: Jessica Hunter, Erie Reader

          EDINBORO, Pa. – One Edinboro journalism professor recently made a different type of news.

          Marked for his passion and leadership, Professor Christopher Lantinen was named to the acclaimed Erie Reader's 40 Under 40 Class of 2020, a class notably representing the principles of “hope, strength, and resilience” for the future. 

          Lantinen spoke about being named to the list.

          “Obviously, it was a huge honor,” he said. “There's so much talent in this class; you can't help but feel intimidated by your company. It also just feels good to bring positive attention to both the university and our Edinboro Beehive.”

          Both branches of my employment here at EU have allowed me to work with great students, who in turn have produced great work — award-winning material through The Spectator and the Beehive.”

          Lantinen took steps to his journey to become one of Erie’s young and ambitious leaders here at Edinboro, where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

          He then learned more about the ins and outs of the newspaper business, working as reporter and editor at the Titusville Herald.

          In addition, according to the Erie Reader, “Lantinen was a freelance producer for Atlantic Records' podcast department; and from 2010-2019, he built and ran, which gave daily updates on new releases and more, reaching 2.6 million readers a year.” Modern Vinyl has been cited in national publications such as Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.

          The article continued: “The latter spawned The Modern Vinyl Podcast, a music podcast now known as Stereo Confidential. The podcast accumulated over 250,000 downloads and won the music category of the 2018 Podcast Awards, beating out nine other nominees across the country.”

          Lantinen then came back to Edinboro, this time as a professor. Of the transition from student to teacher, he said, “It's been an interesting evolution, but one I wouldn't trade for anything.”

          Working at Edinboro for six years so far, his current involvement on campus is impressive. He is working as a professor in the Department of Communication, Journalism and Media, the Social Media/Podcast Specialist at the Center for Branding and Strategic Communication at Edinboro’s Baron-Forness Library, and the production manager at The Spectator and management for Edinboro Campus Media's website and social media (@edinboronow).

          Among others, Lantinen has taught classes such as Digital Media Design, Intermediate Reporting and Feature Writing.

          Often, Lantinen is excited to lecture about the evolution of journalism.

          “The technological advancements are clear — social media, data journalism, the current task of running a remote newsroom — but what's even more interesting to me is the occupational evolution,” he said. “How one aims for journalistic truth and objective methods, and how that's different from the traditional view of objectivity. How information is no longer the main commodity in our industry — social media oversupplies information — but instead it’s all about verification and the end knowledge this process brings.”

          He continued: “Process is definitely a buzzword for me. If we can teach our students to have a morally strong, empathetic, and community focused process, they'll be great journalists.”

          One such student is Kimberly Firestine, now the executive editor of The Spectator and a graduate student at Edinboro.

          “Professor Lantinen has been an excellent mentor, advisor and professor within the department and beyond,” she explained. “He's always willing to provide guidance, whether it's in the form of feedback on a paper or story assignment, a letter of recommendation or general life advice. I wouldn't have had any of the experiences that I was fortunate enough to have during my undergraduate years without Prof. Lantinen's support.”

          Firestine also noted Lantinen’s prolific involvement on campus.

          “In class, Professor Lantinen's expertise shows through what and how he teaches,” she said. “His ability to push students to want to be better writers, photographers, designers is why he's an integral part of the department, Edinboro Campus Media and the university as a whole.”

          Only age 31, Lantinen’s latest accomplishment foreshadows a bright future in the journalism and media field.

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