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          • Tour 5 community programs at WPSD and Edinboro University open house

          Tour 5 community programs at WPSD and Edinboro University open house

          Second annual exhibition highlights community, university collaboration

          August 27, 2019

          Tour 5 community programs at WPSD and Edinboro University open house

          Edinboro University’s School of Education and the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) welcome the community to the second annual open house at Edinboro’s main campus.

          Five on-site programs and classrooms – located in Butterfield Hall, 310 Scotland Road – will be on full display from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Sept. 14 for the WPSD & School of Education Open House.

          Edinboro’s campus community and visitors will learn about the Western PA School for the Deaf Children’s Center, Boro Little Learners Academy (on-campus preschool), Edinboro’s all-ages art therapy classroom, Dr. Mary Jo Melvin Literacy Center and a set of mock counseling rooms for the Department of Counseling, School Psychology and Special Education.

          New this year, Edinboro University welcomes The Big Cheese food truck to campus for lunch.

          WPSD & School of Education Open House schedule:

          10:45 a.m.: Welcome

          11:15 a.m.: American Sign Language presentation

          Noon: Family Obstacle Course

          12:45 p.m.: Masterpiece Mandala Painting

          1:30 p.m.: Story Time

          Guests will also learn about Edinboro University’s new Early Childhood and Deaf Education undergraduate program.

          The Children’s Center at Edinboro, hosted by Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, offers a quality preschool program tailored to deaf and hard of hearing children – ages 3 to school age. Following a creative curriculum that promotes learning in a structured environment, the Children’s Center focuses on circle time activities and meaningful, hands-on play aligned with Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards.

          The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf provides tuition-free academic and extracurricular programs to deaf and hard of hearing children from birth through the 12th grade in their five locations across the state.

          Boro Little Learners Academy, Edinboro’s recently added on-campus preschool program, begins the school year in September. Children ages 3-5 years old in the Edinboro community participate in daily learning experiences through inquiry activities and interactive play.

          The Butterfield Hall classroom hosts the preschool class five days a week during the school year. Directed by Dr. Mary Jo Melvin of the Early Childhood and Reading Program, Boro Little Learners Academy is officially certified through Pennsylvania’s Office of Child Development & Early Learning through the Department of Human Services.

          Edinboro’s art therapy program is returning for the second year this fall for students, employees and community members to connect with each other, produce art and work through issues like anxiety, stress or depression in a safe and accessible place.

          Dr. Penny Orr, director of the art therapy concentration in the School of Graduate Studies, will guide and assist participants during open hours during the semester. Located in Butterfield Hall, Room 200, the art therapy studio will feature art supplies, board games, card games and visits from Dr. Orr’s personal therapy dogs.

          The Dr. Mary Jo Melvin Literacy Center was established in 2007 and is located in Rooms 304 and 305 of Butterfield Hall. Designed to provide quality literacy materials for the campus and regional communities, the Literacy Center houses current children’s literature, curriculum materials for all content areas and educational games, puppets and other teaching resources.

          Erin Dakas, a local artist and Keystone SMILE AmeriCorps member, created the center’s murals – which showcase key children’s literature authors and illustrators.

          Edinboro’s mock counseling labs will allow counseling students to practice sessions under the direct supervision of trained instructors. This allows counselors-in-training to have direct feedback from classmates and instructors that provide a multi-sensory vantage point of training.

          These sessions include video and audio taped interviews that foster thorough analysis and evaluation of the session.

          For a full listing of programs within Edinboro’s School of Education, visit www.edinboro.edu/soe.

          Program Contacts:

          Children’s Center at Edinboro: Casie Lucas-Szumigala – (814) 920-2578, clucas@wpsd.org

          Boro Little Learners Academy: Dr. Mary Jo Melvin – (814) 732-2154, mmelvin@edinboro.edu

          Dr. Mary Jo Melvin Literacy Center: Dr. Mary Jo Melvin – (814) 732-2154, mmelvin@edinboro.edu

          Art Therapy Open Studio: Dr. Penny Orr – (814) 732-1684, porr@edinboro.edu

          Counseling Mock Conferences: Dr. Adrienne Dixon – (814) 732-1932, amdixon@edinboro.edu