Integration Insights for Students



April 15, 2021

Welcome to Integration Insights for Students, a weekly series to update you about the Western Integration.

Students, you have been a primary and critical group involved in the integration planning process. You are represented in the process through your elected representatives in student government, your student trustees and student members of various integration committees and advisory boards.

Here are some questions students are asking about integration.

Why is integration being proposed?

Integration will allow Edinboro, Clarion and California to harness our collective strengths to give you access to the very best our partner campuses have to offer. At a time when many universities across the country are financially challenged, integration creates opportunities to share resources across our campuses, enhance the student experience and ensure the Integrated University’s sustainability for years to come.

Will I have less access to academic programs after integration?  

No. All students will benefit from access to a greater range of academic programs than any single university can offer. This means more choices when it’s time to build your schedule, so you can stay on track toward timely graduation.

Will integration affect my financial aid and scholarships?

Your financial aid and scholarship commitments will carry over. As always, privately funded scholarships will be awarded based on the donor’s criteria. 


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