Edinboro University recognized for 28 top programs in the U.S.


Intelligent 2021

Nearly 30 Edinboro University academic programs and campus departments received top recognition from Intelligent.com, a trusted resource for online and campus program rankings and higher-education planning.

Edinboro earned several top five spots on the annual program assessment, including the No. 3 Best Early Childhood Degree, No. 3 Best Online Master’s in Educational Psychology and the No. 4 Best Online College in Pennsylvania.

“It is an honor that Edinboro University’s academic programs were highly ranked by Intelligent.com,” said Dr. Erinn Lake, Edinboro’s dean of the School of Education and the new vice president for Virtual and Global Education of Pennsylvania Western University*. “This acknowledgement is a validation of our long-standing commitment to affordable academic excellence with unrelenting focus on student success.”

The research for the 2021-2022 rankings identifies programs in the nation based on flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost and reputation.

Intelligent.com ranks each program on a scale from 0 to 100 across five categories. The scoring system compares each university according to program strength, student readiness, return on investment, cost and student engagement.

Researchers compared 704 programs from 2,900 universities and colleges across the United States.

Edinboro University offers flexible distance learning that appeals to busy adults or hybrid models that include on-campus and online formats. Experts at Intelligent.com assessed programs that help students enhance and develop advanced skills for a variety of in-demand positions.

Edinboro University has been recognized for the following degree programs:

Best Early Childhood Education Degree Programs | No. 3

Best Online Master's in Educational Psychology Programs | No. 3

Best Online Counseling Degree Programs | No. 4

Most Affordable Online Master's in School Counseling Programs | No. 4

Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania | No. 4

Best Online Master's in Media Communication Programs | No. 5

Best Online Master's in Public Relations Programs | No. 5

Best Online Master's in Counseling Programs | No. 6

Best Online Master's in School Counseling Programs | No. 6

Best Online Master's in Art and Art History Programs | No. 7

Best Online Master's in Psychology Program | No. 8

Best Online Master's in Early Childhood Education Programs | No. 9

Best Counseling Degree Programs | No. 10

Best Master's in Media Communications Degree Programs | No. 10

Best Master's in Psychology Degree Programs | No. 11

Best Disability Friendly Colleges | No. 12

Best Online Master's in Communications Programs | No. 12

Best Online Social Work Degree Programs | No. 12

Best Master’s in Early Childhood Education Degree Programs | No. 13

Best Online Master's in Social Work Programs | No. 14

Best Online Early Childhood Education Degree Programs | No. 15

Best Master's in Reading and Literacy Degree Programs | No. 20

Best Online Master's in Education Programs | No. 20

Best Online Nurse Practitioner Degree Programs | No. 22

Best Master's in School Counseling Degree Programs | No. 26

Most Affordable Master's Degree Programs | No. 36

Best Master's in Counseling Degree Programs | No. 39

Best Colleges in Pennsylvania | No. 42

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To learn more about Edinboro University’s award-winning academic programs – and to schedule a visit to campus – check out visit.edinboro.edu.

*Pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education