Edinboro University Fall 2021 Psychology Internships


Psychology 2022(Grace Vaeth, UPMC Western Behavioral Health)

Under the direction of Dr. Gary LaBine and Dr. Heather Snyder, from Edinboro University’s Psychology Department, eight undergraduate interns collectively completed more than 3,600 hours of community service through their fall internships.

Each student completed a 15-week, 12-credit internship at various schools and agencies in Erie County as a requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Undergraduate internships in Psychology are typically undertaken by students following their junior year. Internships provide students with an opportunity to obtain professional work experience in a variety of settings in the field of psychology.

The following students completed internships during Spring 2022:

BuehrleJustin Buehrle

Edinboro School | Achievement Center

Supervisor: Margaret Cox, Behavioral Health Supervisor

"My time at Edison has been an invaluable experience. This internship has given me a new perspective on my  career plans and gifted me the chance to utilize skills I have learned thus far.  Not to mention, nothing feels better than being able to help kids who need it."

EltonCullen Elton

Edinboro School | Achievement Center

Supervisor: Margaret Cox, Behavioral Health Supervisor

“Kids here have daily struggles. Even when facing their hardest days, our team can be the one thing that makes them smile.”

FolgaShelby Folga

Parkside Psychological Associates

Supervisor: Audrey Smith, CEO Parkside Psychological Associates

“People in mandated treatment are not the embodiment of the crime they have committed; rather, they are unique individuals who have come seeking help.”

HeldShawn Held

Erie County Juvenile Probation

Supervisor: Doug Meyner, Deputy Chief of Erie County Juvenile Probation

“Rehabilitation over punishment is key to helping adolescents have a positive outlook on life and overcome the hurdles that are laid out before them.”

ReisingerAbigail Reisinger

Crime Victim Center

Supervisor: Amy Blackman, Co-Assistant Director of Prevention Education

“My internship has truly shown me all aspects of being a counselor. Not only did I learn how to counsel, but I also learned how to educate others about sexual assault as well as, how to be a court advocate. Interning gave me many meaningful experiences.”

SippleStephanie Sipple

Sarah Reed Children’s Center

Supervisor: Jason Nietz, Director of Residential Services

“I am so thankful for the opportunity Sarah Reed has given me not only to learn valuable skills for my future career, but also for the bonds and connections I’ve been able to make with the resilient clients there.”

StewartMelanie Stewart

Hermitage House

Supervisor: Ashley Messinger, Unit Supervisor

“Win or lose… the score board is wiped clean daily.”

VaethGrace Vaeth

UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor-Crisis Services

Supervisor: Stacey Buettner, Program Director

"Being able to intern at Crisis Services was a great experience as we help clients connect with mental health resources in Erie County. There is never a boring day working here!"