Fall 2022 – Advice for Edinboro students


Advice, 2022

With just a few weeks remaining in summer break, Edinboro students and alumni shared their experiences and advice for new and returning students. Together, we are excited to begin Fall 2022 – starting with Welcome Weekend which kicks off Aug. 18.

This collection of advice was collected from Instagram comments from Edinboro students, alumni and community members.

Emily: Find a study buddy. Don’t procrastinate, and definitely try the Pogue iced lattes!

Aubrey: Try your best to find good friends at college, and to stick with them. College is so much better with a good support group.

Perry: Work hard, but don’t overwork. Make sure you sleep and have a good balance of fun.

Christina: You are now entering what you will someday refer to as the good old days. Enjoy every second because the years are limited and pass quickly.

Laura: Pack a winter coat. It is mighty cold and windy walking to class. Also gloves and a hat.

Lisa: Make friends, study hard, enjoy every second!

Erin: Take advantage of the opportunities to learn. And wear warm boots!

Autumn: Get involved and make friends. Be sure to stay true to yourself and make the most out of your experience at Edinboro.

Dakota:  Go to the on-campus events that they have. They are fun and a way to make some more friends.

Emily: Create a good relationship with your advisor! It was always nice to have someone in my corner that understood the ins and outs of graduation requirements, classes, timelines, etc.!

Alyssa: Don’t be afraid to talk to new people! It can be scary, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Julia: Work hard and don’t forget to have some fun.

Hailey:  Find some go to friends to grab Dunkin with!

Dakota: Don’t be afraid to switch your major if the one you’re in doesn’t make you happy! It’s not “failing” to figure out what best suits you.

Fayte: Join clubs! Don’t be afraid to make friends! Always ask for help if you need it! There’s always something going on campus you just have to look for it on social media or posters in the halls!

Jared: Go to office hours! Make good connections with your professors.

Maria: You might not know it now, but someday you’ll be nostalgic for the sound of bagpipes.

Delaney: Talk to your professors. Ask questions, send emails, attend office hours! Making connections and taking advantage of the help they're willing to provide will elevate your entire college experience.

Lexi: Get a waterproof bookbag and don't be afraid to ask questions, meet with professors and make new friends!

Anthony: Edinboro will teach you how to be good at your major, but you’ll never be great unless you take the extra step. Reach out to professors, make connections, go to in and off campus events, and continue to teach yourself new material.

Tehya: Get involved! There are so many different clubs and activities on campus! There will be something for everyone, and it is so beneficial to have those extracurricular activities to build connections on campus.

Allison: If you’re questioning changing your major every day, just do it! Also make sure to get close to at least one professor in your major!

Sue: Become a Greek.

Savannah: If you’re livingon campus, have a small shovel to dig your car out when it’s super snowy.

Haley: College is a time to figure out what you like and don’t like. Just because you don’t know exactly what you want to do doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful. Reach out to your professors and advisors. They want to help you!

Madison: If you hate your major, change it. You won’t like working in the field any more than you like taking the classes.

Dorrie: Don’t take your winter coat home until move out. You never know when it’s going to snow up there.

Madison: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! It will benefit you in so many ways. Talk to the person sitting next to you, participate in events, if you’re nervous know you’re not alone and just about everyone else is feeling the same way!

Leah: Best wishes Fighting Scots!

Rodney: Study hard, but have fun too. Make new friends.

Kennedy: Take advantage of every resource available! Go to office hours, go to tutoring, create study groups, use the library.

Shelby: Sit up front toward the middle of the class. Speak up. Create a personal relationship with all of your professors. Move around the campus until you find your favorite study spot.

Mia: If you’re lost or confused ask someone for help. Almost everyone has been in that place before and will help if they can.

Jessie: Talk to students from other majors to get different perspectives on college life!

Matthew: Don’t be afraid to talk to new people. You never know the connections you can make and the benefits they will have to your future.

Madison: LISTEN and follow the advice of your professors and TAs.

Kelsey: Get to know your professors! Most of them are more than willing to help you succeed, all you have to do is show them you care. Go Boro!

Casey: Don’t be afraid to branch out and get involved on campus!

Hailey: Live every moment like it's your last! College only lasts for so long! Hang with your friends, do your work, ask for help when you need it weather mentality or physically! Your professors are your friends! Make the wonderful memories last life times!

Wayne: Just be yourself.

Sophie: Don't underestimate the writing center. They are literally so great and will save you. Especially in those early writing classes.

Cullen: Get involved with campus clubs. You meet so many new people, and it’s a great way to feel connected!

Clara: Join clubs! It's a good way to make new friends.

Sky: Create study groups with your friends. Sometimes it’s easier when you’re all studying together but set aside time to solo study.

Hayden: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and go to office hours. Building relationships with your professors can benefit you in the long run!

Dylan: Talk to your advisors more! They're there for a reason. Also, don't be afraid to socialize with new people and try out new things! It goes by fast so don't waste the opportunity.

Nicole: Create good balance with work and fun, as college should be. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Alex: Go to the free events on campus! They're a good chance to have fun and meet new people!

Jacob: Get a good pair of winter boots and don’t be afraid to go to events and talk to new people.

Jamie: Join clubs and network with others in your major! You’ll make some lifelong friends and have connections for the future!

Fox: This will be the time of your life! Enjoy every minute! My fondest and best memories were at the Boro! BFFs for life!

Becca: Never count yourself out. The only person who can stand in your way of getting involved, getting the grades, having the experiences, is yourself. Be sure to use your resources, both academically and socially, to optimize your 4 years at Boro.

Tad: Don't be afraid to speak up in class. If you're questioning it then your peers are as well.

Emma: Check out club rush, a great way to learn about the clubs and meet people. And make time on weekends to do at least one fun thing so you aren’t spending all your time studying. Having a balance of fun and school makes it more enjoyable.

Abby: Take a step outside of your comfort zone. Try something new. Even if you think you will hate it. Take advantage of every resource on campus and really get to know your advisors. Once you get close to graduation they will be the ones you want to go to help you decide on your next steps after graduation (they have already been where you are). Always make sure you reserve some time just for you to relax because college can be stressful. Most of all, have fun!

Rachel: Go to the free events on campus! Loads of fun and a great way to meet new people. One of my personal favorites is grocery Bingo!

Kay: Never be afraid to take advantage of opportunities that you are given! Join clubs or groups and be open to meeting new people!

Jennifer: In such a new environment take time to discover a quiet place to work and reflect, like the library, reading nook, or outside on campus.